Fortnite Introduces “Bloodsport Skin”

Fortnite is well known for collaborating with a variety of brands, studios, comics, and celebrities. So, any news for any sort of collaboration should not be surprising for anyone. According to recent reports, Epic announced another DC Comics collaboration for their upcoming film Suicide Squad 2021.

Fortnite x Suicide Squad

Fortnite has done numerous collaborations with Marvel and DC comics over the years. So, this new crossover was kind of expected. Suicide Squad 2021’s director James Gunn took to Twitter and asked fans to be ready for a crossover and shared a video of star Idris Elba.

“Oh yeah. #Fortnite fans prepare to get some dubs. @FortniteGame @idriselba”, tweeted James Gunn.

Idris Elba portrays Bloodsport in the upcoming movie and hence, Fortnite fans will be getting a new Bloodsport skin for their characters. Players will also be able to fit themselves with numerous cosmetic outfits and accessories. In the short 9 second video, Idris Elba is seen informing the fans about Bloodshot coming to Fortnite. Bloodsport looks pretty cool and can be seen in action. Bloodsport, in the video, is carrying a rocket launcher and destroying everything in his way. The video ends by saying “more tomorrow”, exciting fans even further.

What Else?

The most exciting part of the video was that it guaranteed some more information will be revealed tomorrow. This may mean that we will get a closer and more in-depth look at Bloodshot. Some fans also believe that more Suicide Squad characters might be joining the roaster. Fans are incredibly hyped about this and many of them want to see more characters, especially, King Shark in the crossover.

According to a leak before, some more characters are surely expected so, we may see some updates about that tomorrow as well. This is some hype-worthy news for gamers who are also comic book fans, and tomorrow might prove even better for them. Earlier we have seen Justice League and Avengers crossovers as well, and they prove to be quite beneficial for both Epic Games and the comics.

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