Fortnite with Xbox Cloud Gaming
Image: Epic Games

Fortnite one of the most popular Battle Royale is now available on the Xbox Cloud Gaming service. It has been available on every major gaming platform, from PC to even the Nintendo Switch. It even got ported to iOS and Android, however, was later taken down from the App Store and Play Store. Epic Games even filed a lawsuit against Apple because of this, more details are available here.

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Xbox Cloud Gaming Supported Devices:

While Fortnite isn’t available on phones anymore, both Android and iOS users would now be able to play Fortnite too. Microsoft says that to use the Cloud Gaming Service, one would need a stable internet connection. Along with that users would also need a Microsoft account on their device, and a web browser to play the game. As of now, Xbox Cloud Gaming is supported in over 26 countries.

Fortnite with Xbox Cloud Gaming
Image: Xbox

Microsoft also released a statement in a blog post which reads:

“It’s an important step to add a Free-to-Play title to the cloud gaming catalog as we continue our cloud journey. We’re starting with Fortnite and will look to bring more Free-to-Play games people love in the future.

At Xbox we want to make gaming accessible to the 3 billion players around the world, and cloud has an important role in that mission. Quite simply we want you to have more choice in both the games you play and the way you choose to play them.”

Currently, Fortnite can be played with either native touch controls or even with a supported controller. The Steam Deck is also supported, meaning it can also be used to play the game with the default controllers.

With that said, what do you think about Fortnite coming to the Xbox Cloud Gaming Service? Do let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment down below.

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