Screengrab Courtesy of Fresh via YouTube

Some players worry if the Tac Shotgun will return and be tossed into the vault. Players are wondering if the Tac Shotgun weapon will return when Fortnite Chapter 3 receives additional updates.

This is the first shotgun in Fortnite that can be fired automatically by pressing and holding the trigger button. However, if one looks closely at the shotgun’s recoil motion, it can be seen that the weapon does not fire automatically. Instead, it is pumped swiftly and then discharged while pushing the trigger.

Tac Shotgun

Screengrab Courtesy of Fresh via YouTube
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The Tactical Shotgun was unvaulted and boosted in Patch 15.0. The damage has been increased to 72/76/80/84/88, putting the Common and Uncommon rarities on par with the Heavy Shotgun. And the rare Tactical Shotgun outperforms the legendary Heavy Shotgun by three times. In Patch 16.00, the Tactical Shotgun was again banished to the vault, this time to make room for the new Primal Shotgun and Makeshift Shotgun.

In its current state, the Auto Shotgun appears to act as a sort of stand-in for the Tac Shotgun. However, some may not consider it a suitable substitute.

There are concerns that these new shotguns will fall short of the Tac Shotgun. Many players also believe the Auto Shotgun in Fortnite Chapter 3 is a nerfed version of the Tac Shotgun weapon. The fire rate appears to be a little slower than its predecessor, and the shots aren’t as powerful.

Is It Back?

Fans will be happy with the news as the Tac Shotgun weapon is definitely returning in Fortnite Chapter 3 and is now available!

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