Fortnite issues Refunds after FTC Statement: Are you Eligible? | How to Claim

Fortnite FTC Refund

In 2022, Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, faced a significant $520 million fine by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). A portion of this hefty sum, $245 million to be precise, is designated for customers who, as per the FTC, were misled into making unintended purchases. Discover whether you are eligible for a refund in Fortnite after the FTC statement and how to claim it in this article.

Fortnite Offers $245 FTC Settlement Refund

The FTC is offering an opportunity for individuals to receive refunds for unauthorized purchases made within the popular online game, Fortnite. This follows a $245 million settlement between Epic Games, the parent company of Fortnite, and the FTC, addressing the issue of inadvertent charges. The deadline for refund applications is January 17, 2024.

  • Back in December, Epic Games resolved allegations with the FTC regarding their use of deceptive tactics that coerced users into making unintended purchases within the widely adored multiplayer shooter game, particularly among younger audiences in recent years.
  • The FTC referred to this as “dark patterns,” which involve manipulative user interfaces that make it easy to spend money unintentionally. 
  • Some users incurred expenses even during loading screens or while launching the game.

In December, Epic Games agreed to pay a substantial $520 million to settle allegations by the US government. The allegations involve misleading millions, including kids and teens, into unintended purchases and violating child privacy laws.

Now, let’s address the main question: Are you eligible for a refund? Let’s find out below!

Who Is Eligible for a Refund?

Fortnite FTC Refund
Image courtesy of FTC

Eligible individuals encompass those who were charged for in-game currency or items they did not desire between January 2017 and September 2022. Furthermore, individuals whose children made unauthorized credit card charges without their knowledge between January 2017 and November 2018 or had their accounts locked after disputing wrongful charges during the same period may also apply.

To be exact, there are three primary categories of eligibility. According to the FTC, refunds will be accessible for:

  • Parents whose children made unauthorized credit card purchases in the Epic Games Store between January 2017 and November 2018.
  • Fortnite players who were charged in-game currency for undesired in-game items between January 2017 and September 2022.
  • Fortnite players who couldn’t access their accounts between January 2017 and September 2022 after contesting unauthorized charges with their credit card companies.

How to Obtain a Refund

Fortnite FTC Refund
Image courtesy of Fortnite

To initiate a refund request, you can visit the website They will need a claim number or their Epic Account ID to complete the application.

  • Importantly, the FTC does not impose any fees for filing a claim or receiving a refund. Be cautious of anyone seeking payment in exchange for an FTC refund.
  • For individuals under 18 years old, a parent or guardian must complete the claim form on their behalf.
  • Filing a claim won’t harm your Fortnite account or make you lose bought items.

If you are eligible for a refund, seize the opportunity and claim it promptly before it’s too late!

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