Fortnite: Matrix Bullet Dodge Emote Now Available

Fortnite always brings some crossover for the players frequently. This made the game more interesting for the users. Fortnite has become an advertisement for other brands and franchises, with recent collaborations including Resident Evil, Naruto, and most recently the fashion brand Moncler.

  • This time the collaboration is with The Matrix Resurrections is set to be released on December 24. Epic has welcomed yet another crossover into the ever-increasing Fortnite universe.
  • Recently the game has added Spider-Man’s mythical web-shooters. But to welcome the new crossover, now two new emotes and a wrap to go with the Sentinel glider that can be found among the pile of presents in The Lodge.

New Emotes

  • The recently released Matrix emotes are pay-to-win emotes. The most famous pose from the original movies where Neo moves in slow motion as bullets fly over him.
  • One of the emotes is the same as the pose above described. It’s not as drastic, but the emote is literally dodging bullets, which can make it more difficult on anyone firing at someone emoting.
Screengrab Courtesy of GKI via YouTube
  • The other emote is Trinity’s floating kick. It costs 200 V-Bucks. it will help you to hit in the heat of battle. It can be reserved for the lobby prior to the match or when celebrating a victory royale.
  • On the other hand, the wrap which is made up of The Matrix’s cascading symbols can be shown at any time. It costs 500 V-Bucks.

However, the fans were waiting for the Neo skin eagerly. Perhaps skins will come later, but for now, the emotes and wrap can be bought in Fortnite’s store. So enjoy the new emotes and wraps that have been introduced.

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