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With the hundreds of skins available in Epic Games’ popular battle royale, Fortnite, it’s unsurprising for players to run into a glitch or two when using them. One of the most recent problems plaguing the community is the skin glitch on Fortnite’s Maya outfit. According to some users, there’s a chance your Maya skin in Fortnite will be permanently ruined because of this glitch. Luckily, we’ve got you covered on what to do to save the Gear Specialist Maya skin from ruin. Stay with us!

What is the Maya skin in Fortnite?

Fortnite players with the Maya skin got her through the Chapter 3 Season 2 Battle Pass. She is considered a Legendary Outfit, as players can select different style options for this skin. Players had to complete the challenges that were live during Chapter 3 Season 2 to unlock this feature.

In Fortnite, some of the outfits belong to the Forged category. Maya was the first to be added to this category because she was customizable. Players had the freedom to customize the different parts of the skin however they wanted. Customizations to Maya’s skin included the following:

  • Hairstyle
  • Tattoos
  • Vest
  • Shirt Color
  • Sleeves
  • Pants Color
  • Helmet
  • Boots
  • Face Paint
  • Scarf

According to the fanmade Fortnite wiki, you can create over 9.2 million combinations with the Maya skin. However, players are running into trouble with this skin after using the Shuffle Option.

What is the glitch in the skin?

The Shuffle Option caused headaches for players who ran into this glitch, permanently ruining their Maya skin in Fortnite. Since you have many customization options for the Maya skin, it’s impossible for the game not to mess up from time to time.

What the Shuffle Option does is it randomizes your entire Locker. You can also choose to apply this feature to either the skins or gliders. iFireMonkey, one of the most credible Fortnite content creators and leakers, took to Twitter to explain what was happening.

If you haven’t tried this feature on your Maya skin yet, we highly advise you not to go through with it.

  • According to some players, their Maya skin got ruined because of it.
  • Using the Shuffle Option caused whatever randomized style on Maya the game came up with to be applied permanently.
  • Once that’s done, players have no way of reverting the changes.

How to fix the Maya skin glitch in Fortnite

Unfortunately, there is no way of fixing the glitch if you have ever encountered it. Whatever style the game has given to your Maya outfit after using the Shuffle Option, you will have to stick with it until Epic Games releases its own fix.

The only way to fix the Maya skin glitch is to avoid it altogether. We know it may seem tempting to try it out, but it’s better to do so once Epic Games resolves this issue.

  • You should also know that the Maya skin isn’t the only cosmetic affected by this glitch. The Brella glider, one of Fortnite’s gliders with tons of customization options, also runs into the glitch caused by the Shuffle Option feature.
  • Similar to what happens with the Maya skin, you may be stuck with a custom style you don’t want for the Brella glider.
  • You can archive these cosmetics if you don’t want to stop using the Shuffle Option. Doing so will not permanently delete the cosmetics in question. Fortnite will hide your archived items and not include them in your Locker anymore.

When will Fortnite resolve this issue?

This isn’t a game-breaking glitch, so Fortnite will most likely release a fix once the next major update drops in the game. The good thing is they are aware of the bug and working on finding a remedy.

As for players who had their cosmetics ruined by this glitch, this is all temporary. Epic Games might find a way to compensate players affected by this glitch through V-Bucks or additional cosmetics related to the Maya outfit and Brella glider.

Aside from cosmetics, some players have also run into trouble with weapons during a Battle Royale match. One of the most recent weapons to be vaulted for Ranked matches in Fortnite is the Kinetic Blade after players found an exploit that allowed them to instantly eliminate an unknowing enemy.

Did you encounter this issue with the Maya outfit or Brella glider? Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts with other players in the comments below!

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