Fortnite: New Weather System; Tornadoes & Lightning!

Even though we are not dealing with a new edition, in this case, Epic Games has opted to incorporate the expected tornadoes and lightning bolts that were seen in the promotional teaser. The weather on the island will change started yesterday, January 11, resulting in mesmerizing instances. Following that, we’ll explain how these natural occurrences work. Let’s go!

Weather System

Prepare yourself, because the weather on Fortnite’s Battle Island just got a lot crazier. Tornadoes and lightning have finally made an appearance in the game, but how do they function? It’s a question that many players are undoubtedly wondering. We already have a firm grasp on the role that these weather events play (beyond showing off with impressive effects, as we can see in the video attached by Epic Games itself).

Tornadoes + Lightning Bolts

Rather than being a negative factor, these new conditions provide all gamers with extra benefits and mobility. So, it will be up to each individual to decide whether or not to take advantage of them. They are, of course, yet another alternative for getting around the island.

  • TORNADOES: Capable of making you “fly”. We can zoom in and use the whirlpool to drift around it if we detect one developing. If we stay in this position for long enough, the tornado will fling us away, but there will be no damage from the landing.
    • Tornado Week will begin on the 17th of January (15:00 CET). During this period there is a greater chance that you will encounter tornadoes all over the game island!
  • LIGHTNING BOLTS: Appear as dark clouds in the sky, delivering minor damage and sparking a fire in the region as they fall. It also grants a bolt that gives gamers a temporary speed boost. You can improve your chances of being struck by lightning by jumping into a body of water or going to the peak under the dark cloud (but bear in mind that they do not strike the same place twice).

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