Fortnite: Ninja Teases Possible Competitive Duo With SypherPK

Ninja has always been a name synonymous with Fortnite. He was one of the game’s first celebrities, helping put it to where it is today. Ninja broke records, competed in tournaments, and was known for stomping lobbies in Fortnite’s early days. He has not entered professional competitions for a while, but it seems that the recent FNCS qualifiers sparked his interest in a return.

He asked on Twitter whether he should play competitive Fortnite alongside collaborator SypherPK.

The conversation resulted in a fun back and forth between the two, while some fans also chimed in. While the two don’t have the best record competing together, they attract huge audiences. That alone could entice them to play in the upcoming duos tournaments.

Ninja was a professional Halo player before making a name for himself in Fortnite. At one point in time, he was considered the best. He was also very successful in Fortnite’s early tournaments until the landscape developed further.

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His most notable competitive achievement was in the Fortnite Champion Series. He, Reverse 2k, and two FaZe Clan members reached the Grand Finals. They placed 8th out of 20 teams, and since then, he’s not returned to any competitive tournaments.

The upcoming tournament will be the Duos Cash Cup which will start on February 28.

Time will tell if Ninja is serious about competing again or not. Whatever the case, it’s likely that any move he makes in Fortnite will attract many of his fans to watch.

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