Fortnite: “No Build” Mode Permanent? New Leak

Fortnite - No Building

A recent leak about Fortnite and its new ‘No Build’ Mode suggests that it’s here to stay, according to HYPEX.

HYPEX claims that Fortnite devs have ‘No Build’ modes in the game’s data

For those unfamiliar with HYPEX, they’re one of the most trustworthy Fortnite dataminers out there. According to HYPEX, they found data pointing to Fortnite having hidden other modes that include the ‘No Build’ feature. Moreover, HYPEX explains that these modes can go live at any time after the current limited-time event wraps up.

Other indications that the ‘No Build’ mode is permanent are the loading screens HYPEX found in Fortnite’s game data. HYPEX revealed that there are new loading screens reading “in modes with building enabled,” which definitely points to the ‘No Build’ mode sticking around indefinitely.

Fortnite - Trailer
Image Courtesy of Epic Games

Once the current limited-time event ends, players can access the ‘Build’ feature again in Standard matches

If you’re not caught up with this season’s story, it’s a clash between The Resistance and The Imagined Order. After Dr. Slone uses the device that removed players’ ability to defend themselves by building walls, The Resistance can only rely on body shields.

Fortnite - Build
Image Courtesy of Epic Games

However, the ‘Build’ feature is only removed in the Standard mode. Epic clarified that Competitive and Custom modes still allow players to use this ability. The limited-time event happening now is speculated to run for over nine days.

There are mixed reactions to Fortnite removing the ‘Build’ feature, but most of the reactions we’ve seen so far are positive. Players claim that removing this feature makes the game more balanced since it’s arguably hard to engage in a gunfight against someone who can quickly build a skyscraper.

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