Fortnite Patch 16.30 Season 6 Update – Downtime, Patch Notes, All Details

Fortnite servers will shut down on all platforms (PC / Mac, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Android) today, Tuesday, April 27. At 4:30 PM, the latest build will be installed. So what’s new in the latest patch?

Fortnite Downtime

  • 27th of April – 9:00AM (GMT) – All Platforms
  • 27th of April – 4:00AM (EST) – United States

According to Epic Games’ website, the systems could be offline for up to 3 hours.

Epic Games has not verified the length of the Fortnite outage, but a rough approximation was posted on their homepage. All servers will be online at the same time, so no need to wait for your friends!

Patch 16.30

Fortnite Status tweeted about the 16.30 update, which should be installed today. The latest patch will include the following:

  • Help Jonesy The First take on Raz
  • Keep ‘em guessing with a new, unpredictable Exotic Bow
  • Stay low, stay safe in a new LTM this weekend: The Floor Restores
  • Primal weapons, Makeshift weapons, & Bows added to Creative

Additional fixes will also be implemented:

  • “You can now hold the Inventory button with a Craftable item in-hand to jump right to the Crafting tab and hit Accept. No more navigating menus in a gunfight!
  • “White heavy check mark Inspecting an item will now show exact number values for stats like damage and fire rate.”

New Crew Pack Bundle

  • “May 2021’s Crew Pack features the skeletal soul-snatcher Deimos, not only a new Outfit in Battle Royale but also a new Ninja-class Hero in Save the World. Don’t own the latter?
  • “No worries: May’s Fortnite Crew benefits include full, permanent access to the Save the World PvE mode! Active Fortnite Crew subscribers will receive the Pack plus Save the World (if they don’t already own it) starting at approximately 8 PM ET on April 30.
  • “Alongside the Deimos Outfit, May’s Crew Pack comes with all others items from the upcoming Neo Underworld Set: the Sorrow’s Edge Back Bling (a blade from a fallen traveller), the fate-grasping Sorrow’s Reach Pickaxe, the soul-comprised Doomed Echo Wrap, and the Deimos Skull Stalker Loading Screen.
  • “When it comes to alternate Styles, the Deimos Outfit, Sorrow’s Edge Back Bling, and Sorrow’s Reach Pickaxe come in both black-and-red and black-and-green. These items also have a ghastly black-and-green Style in addition to the normal one.”

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