Fortnite Patch 18.40 Downtime Maintenance Schedule

Fortnite is down! Epic Games has thereafter made an announcement regarding the new patch and some maintenance work on the Battle Royale shooter which is due today.

  • With this downtime, the developers are simultaneously releasing the update of 18.40 which is a patch that will be available for download through the morning.
  • A schedule has been provided regarding the maintenance work. Epic Games took to Reddit and mentioned that the downtime will change.


However, it is unclear as to how long the Battle Royale shooter will continue to remain offline. Usually, there is a pattern with downtimes in Fortnite, as a rule, servers will be up by noon. So we can assume that in the later morning, the server should be back online and players can play the game again.

18.40 Patch Notes

General Solutions

  • Cheaters: During the discussion phase, eliminated players cannot hear non-eliminated players. Usually disabled or eliminated players are unable to hear the voice chat of the fellow players who are not eliminated during the discussion phase in The Impostors.

Battle Royale Solutions

  • The disappearance of the Collection book items whenever using the Performance mode. When activating accomplishment mode, collection book items may appear to be missing. The progress is still there, but it is not obvious.
  • Also, Vehicles can now be synchronized to a player leaving the vehicle. Players can be transported or teleported to a different location whenever they abandon the vehicle.
  • Weapons sometimes might vanish from the chests as well as supply drops after opening the competitive playlist. Usually, it begins when the weapons look they are floating and gradually they disappear.

Creative Solutions

  • Multiple moving and building selections will lead to continuous misalignment–There is a problem that causes the creators’ structures to misalign when many components are selected.
  • Blow-A-Bull: There are still investigations being made with the issues of Inflate-A-Bull in Creative.

Save the world solutions

  • Campfires above lv 130 are displayed as 130. The Campfires are mostly higher than 130 will show as 130, only due to a UI bug, and campfires higher than 130 are made to normally function.
  • Hero Loadouts in the lobby cannot be traded while using a controller. Players will find difficulty or might not be able to change gears in the lobby when using the controller on all the platforms.
  • 4x missions don’t show the 4x rewards- The 4x awards are not displayed in the UI for 4x tasks. This is a technical problem, and players must still get the prizes.
  • Players can render themselves invisible to other players soon after respawning

Nintendo Switch and Mobile Solutions

  • Flashlight Weapon results in the appearance of the black background (Investigations)
  • Changing a setting on Android during a match may cause the game to crash (Researches) – Changing a configuration during a match may cause Fortnite to crash and display the warning “Fortnite not responding.”

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