Fortnite Patch 20.30: Patch Notes + Downtime; When Will Fortnite Be Back?


Fortnite servers will shut down on all platforms today, Tuesday, May 3, for Fortnite’s Patch 20.30. So what’s new?

1:00 AM (PDT) 4:00 AM (ET) 9:00 AM (BST)

A standard 30 minutes prior to that moment, matchmaking will be deactivated. Downtime can take up to 3 hours, but it is usually considerably less than that. Unless, of course, during major updates.

Fortnite Patch 20.30 Patch Notes


  • Due to a visual issue, we’ve temporarily disabled the Street Shine pickaxe and may not appear in your Locker. This item will be visible again and re-enabled in a future update.
  • Players will not receive social toast notifications when they’re in the match in a party with other players.


  • Vaults around Seven Outposts with a lock that requires multiple players to open currently are locked shut and will not activate. This will be resolved in a future update.

  • The Anvil Rocket Launcher does not show that it is locking on to vehicles as expected. It does still lock on when firing but does not display this.

  • Driving a vehicle can sometimes clip under the map when impacting the ground.

  • When using a split-screen, opening the Map or Quest screen will cause the other players’ view to becoming all black, blocking their vision.


  • Creators may find that some props in the Agency Upper and Lower prefabs are blank tiles with no image.
  • Several template Islands do not load or loads blank. The affected Templates are:

    • Zone Wars Tutorial 1132-4617-3762
    • Hub Template Tutorial 7863-7338-1338
    • Cosmodrome Showcase 1220-6759-6692
    • Battle Royale Island Showcase 8316-9098-8340
    • Space Island Showcase 1963-0902-6497
    • Search & Destroy Tutorial 0766-4721-0528

  • We’re aware of an issue that is causing the player counter device to fail to detect players when they respawn inside of the zone using player spawn pads

  • Players spawn in the sky due to spawning pad settings

  • An issue that is causing the skydive volume device to not remove flight when a player switches teams.

  • Causing the trackers to disappear after a player leaves the game


  • While in the “Refuel Homebase Mission” attempting to place a BluGlo Siphon may cause a crash. This issue only occurs when players are in Performance Mode.
  • The Lab’s daily quest are not currently counting towards the daily dungeon quest progress

  • Sometimes the sidebar will not be set in focus and players will find they are still moving the UI elements on the Map instead of the sidebar.

  • When close to and, being shot at by R.O.S.I.E players may experience bright flashing light.

  • Two active questlines (Sleep on It from the Blockbuster Questline and Destroy: Good Morning from Ventures) task players with destroying beds. Most beds are not being counted towards quest completion when destroyed

  • For some players, the map and lobby will look unusually bright.


  • On mobile devices, some Creative Islands will display two scoreboards in both the middle of the screen and also under the minimap.

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SOURCE: Epic Games, Trello (Fortnite)

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  1. Question: how does your xp in creative reset so say if your playing for a long time it will decrease so how does it go back up to a bunch of xp and what get your xp supercharged?

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