Fortnite Downtime

Fortnite servers will have downtime on all platforms today, June 21 (Tuesday), for Fortnite’s Patch 21.10. So what’s new?

1:00 AM (PDT) 4:00 AM (ET) 9:00 AM (BST)
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A standard 30 minutes prior to that moment, matchmaking will be deactivated. Downtime can take up to 3 hours, but it is usually considerably less than that. Unless, of course, during major updates.

Fortnite Patch 21.10 Early Notes


  • Evie’s belt sticks straight out for some players.
    • Some players may find that the belt on Evie may stick straight out in the air and doesn’t move with expected physics.


  • Throwing a Reality Seed against sloped terrain may reset the age of Reality Sapling.
    • Players may find the Age of their Reality Sapling is reset if they transplant their Reality Seed against sloped terrain.


  • Armored walls are missing from the published islands.
    • Published islands no longer have Armored walls after the release of the 21.00 update.
  • Tracker Device
    • We’re aware of an issue that is causing the tracker device to not update correctly for teams when multiple teams are able to use it.
  • Prop movers and manipulators can not be placed when they don’t overlap with props.
    • We’re looking into an issue that is causing an issue with prop movers and manipulators to not place when not overlapping with props.


  • Players may not receive notifications while in game.
    • .We’re investigating an issue that causing players to not receive notifications while playing a match. Players can receive notifications while in the waiting lobby.
  • Destroyed beds are not being counted towards quest completion.
    • Two active questlines (Sleep on It from the Blockbuster Questline and Destroy: Good Morning from Ventures) task players with destroying beds.
    • Most beds are not being counted towards quest completion when destroyed.
  • Survivors are missing in Rescue the Survivor missions.
    • We’re investigating an issue that causes Survivors to be missing from rescue missions.


  • The parental Controls screen cannot be exited with a controller.
    • The Parental Controls menu, when entered while using a controller, does not show a controller prompt to exit, and no input exits the menu.
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SOURCE: Epic Games, Trello (Fortnite)