Fortnite - Zero Build Mode
Image Courtesy of Epic Games

After a leak surfaced about the ‘No Building’ mode in Fortnite becoming permanent, an announcement from Epic Games finally confirmed this. In a recent blog post, Epic Games announced that the “No-build Battle Royale” mode in Fortnite is called ‘Fortnite Zero Build’. Read on to find out more.

Zero Build puts your ‘weapon, item, and traversal abilities’ to the test

In the gameplay trailer for the mode, players got a look at what Fortnite is going to be like now that it introduced a brand new mode. Although there are some players who feel that building is what makes Fortnite unique, some feel like this is a breath of fresh air for the game.

With this new mode, Fortnite is starting to become flexible in terms of delivering a fresh experience to every player.

Fortnite - Grappling
Screengrab Courtesy of Epic Games

Like the limited-time event that first introduced the ‘No Building’ mode in Fortnite, players will have an Overshield equipped in every match. The Overshield is a player’s main line of defense and it recharges over time if ever a player takes damage.

Additionally, the Overshield makes up for the inability to build up walls which usually provided players cover from incoming bullets.

Fortnite - Sliding
Screengrab Courtesy of Epic Games

How can I play Fortnite Zero Build?

To access this mode, all players have to do is go into the Discover page in the lobby. For players to access the Discover page, click the “CHANGE” button above the “PLAY!” in the lobby. Then from there, choose whether you’d like to play Zero Build in Solo, Duo, Trio, or Squad mode.

Along with this new mode from Fortnite, Epic Games is donating all in-game proceeds to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. As of writing, Epic has donated a whopping $100 million USD, the largest donation to Ukraine among the gaming studios chipping in to help Ukraine.

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