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Huddle up Fortnite players, we got some fantastic news for you!

Peter Griffin as well as other casts from the hit animated series “Family Guy” will be coming to Fortnite. Well, these are still rumors but this news is music to Fortnite players’ ears.

There are recent leaks that Fortnite will be receiving new skins with Family Guy, specifically Peter Griffin. Just 3 days ago, during Epic Game’s State of Unreal 2022 (Unreal Engine 5’s release presentation), fans quickly noticed what looks to be hints of some kind.

Just at a glance, a guy from Twitter already noticed something in the file folders on the monitors (as shown below). @polaqwym zoomed into the folders which might suggest that there will be future skin updates in the next episode.

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Photo Courtesy of @polaqwym (via

Not only can we see Family Guy in the photo, but there also seems to be Darth Vader, Doom, and Jones in it as well. Coincidentally, Donald Mustard (Epic Games’ Chief Creative Officer) teased the gaming community with a cryptic image on Twitter. Could this be a Star Wars reference?

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Even after all of these rumors, there is still no official announcement or feedback about it.

For the record, the creators of Family Guy, Star Wars (Disney), and Epic Games have not confirmed any of these speculations.

Fortnite’s partnership with some of the most iconic pop cultures of today is not new. In the past, they’ve already had crossovers with Marvel and DC universe, Stranger Things, God of War, the NBA, and more. With Family Guy and Darth Vader being teased, the game gets more exciting by the day.

Is Peter Griffin and Darth Vader joining forces on the dark side in Fortnite? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.
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