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Four years after its release, Fortnite is still one of the top battle royale games available on the market. But of course, there’s always the question of how many players are active on Fortnite. As of July 2022, here is the total player count for hit battle royale Fortnite. Read on to find out more.

Epic Games is consistent in delivering updates and new content to Fortnite

Fortnite currently has a large community of players who support the game by just playing it or making in-game purchases. But this doesn’t come as a surprise since Epic Games is consistent and always making sure that the game is up to date.

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However big or small an update is, Epic Games delivers and that’s one of the factors why the game’s player count is still high. Four years after its release, the game is still going strong with numerous skin collaborations as well as different kinds of events players can participate in.

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Recently, Fortnite released the much-awaited Darth Vader and Indiana Jones skin. But aside from these two pop culture names coming into the game, Fortnite has also collaborated with Marvel and DC. So really, there’s something for everybody in Fortnite.

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What is the total player count of Fortnite as of July 2022?

On the other hand, there are newer games popping up on the market. And it’s unavoidable for some of Fortnite’s players to start checking out some of the other games similar to Fortnite. So this leads us to the question of just how many people are still playing Fortnite in July 2022.

Last 2020, Epic Games revealed that there are over 350 million registered users on Fortnite. By 2021, the battle royale had 400 million registered users. However, these numbers don’t necessarily mean that these are the total number of players actively playing the game.

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According to ActivePlayer, a site known for releasing live statistics of total players for various games, Fortnite has over 255 million active players in the last thirty days. Although this is already an impressive number in itself, it is actually -3.59% compared to the average monthly players as of June 30, 2022.

Moreover, the peak players in a day for the battle royale in the last thirty days are projected to be around 23 million. But this still shows a decrease in active players on Fortnite since last May 2021, the peak players hit around 35 million in a day.

Fortnite’s player count rises and falls depending on available events

Fortnite reached nearly 293 million players last August 2020. This was around the time players can participate in the Chapter 2, Season 4 finale live event in the game. If you were already playing around this time, then you should remember that this was when players can help out in defeating Galactus, one of the Marvel villains.

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So even though Epic Games is committed to updating the game as much as they can, it seems Fortnite’s player count is falling at the moment. But of course, we cannot promise that this is accurate since it comes from a third-party source. We won’t know for sure unless Epic Games releases the official statistics of Fortnite’s player count as of July 2022.

But we’re most likely going to see the player count go up especially now that they introduced the permanent No Build Mode in the game. This can encourage different kinds of gamers to try out the battle royale game.

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