Fortnite: Season 4 Server Downtime Schedule + Leaks; What’s new?

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It has been officially announced when Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 will be unveiled + the Server Downtime schedule. And we can now share this exciting information with you. Because new seasons are released every few months, the battle royale game has achieved tremendous success for many years.

These new seasons are fantastic since they provide a ton of fresh map updates, new weaponry, and cosmetic items. Some of which are inspired by well-known TV shows or films, you name it, they have it. Chapter 3 Season 4 has been the subject of a lot of news, including rumors and leaks, so it is wonderful to get formal confirmation of the launch date now.

Fortnite: Season 4 Schedule Confirmed

Screengrab Courtesy of D3NNI_yt via Twitter

On September 18, 2022, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Paradise, will be made available. We are still unsure of when it will be made public.

  • In the gaming world, anticipation for the upcoming season is always exciting for us, fans. Although not everything has been disclosed yet, Fortnite is typically excellent in terms of the stuff they release each season.

Fortnite: Season 4 Server Downtime Schedule

  • Regarding the precise time that Season 4 will go live on September 18, Epic will be placing the server into downtime at 2 AM ET/7 AM ET on September 18th, with the game being in maintenance for at least a few hours.
  • We’ll keep this article updated if any delay happens.

You may check Fortnite Server Status here:

Chrome, Chrome, Chrome… Everything Chrome

Chrome Serum?

  • As we can see, the Video Teaser (posted by @iFireMonkey via Twitter) shows Malibu Amy using a certain type of ‘Serum’ that makes her hands turn into chrome. This suggests that a specific serum might be used/grabbed in-game to give you a certain advantage during a match for a few seconds.

  • A woman sprays pesticide on her plants and then sees them turning into chrome. As the film switches to the sight of the Paradise logo, a loud crashing sound is audible in the distance.

  • Another film depicts a man pouring a bowl of cereal before realizing the milk is chrome and that it is spreading throughout the entire house and converting everything to chrome. The Paradise logo appears as the man stands up and flees.
  • We can also see Sonic the Hedgehog trying to escape the same ‘Chrome Serum’. This makes perfect sense as Sonic Frontiers will be released soon.

Are Spiderverse Skins Coming?

Image Courtesy of @FortniteBR via Twitter

Recent reports of a new skin have raised the possibility that the Spiderverse will play a role in this new season. There have been rumors that Spider-Gwen from the hit Into the Spider-Verse movies will be part of further Spiderman content that will be released.

Here is the proof that we will be receiving a Spider Gwen skin in the season 4 battle pass, as reported by trustworthy Fortnite leaker HYPEX.

  • The collaborations in Fortnite over the years have been totally on point from Epic Games. With the start of the new season, it appears we’ll be receiving even more wonderful selections.

  • Some fans even think that the comic version of Gwen would be released in Fortnite, not the Miles Morales-Gwen and I agree that she looks way cooler and more mature. Either way, both cosmetics would be a good addition to anyone who’s a fan of the Spiderverse.

HYPEX even added that we might get a chance to grab the Miles Morales Spiderman in the future in Fortnite Season 4 Item Shop.

Will Miles Morales be part of the Season 4 Battle Pass?

  • Leaks suggest Miles Morales & Gwen will be part of the Battle Pass.
  • For fans of Fortnite, this is fantastic news because it guarantees they won’t have to spend any; instead, they’ll only have to do certain tasks in the game to grab this awesome cosmetic.

Upcoming Skins in Fortnite Season 4?

Image Courtesy of FriendlyMachine via YouTube

  • As we watch this clip, we can see Miles Morales, Gwen, The Hulk, Iron Patriot, and Vision in one frame.
  • Other Marvel characters that were rumored to join the lineup:
    • Shuri, Captain Marvel, Falcon, and Captain Carter.
  • For more info, you may watch it here:

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