Fortnite: Season 8, What’s New?

Epic Games launched Fortnite Season 8 on Monday, September 13, officially called Fortnite Season 8: Cubed. With the release of the game, curiosities regarding battle pass, vaulted and unvaulted weapons, brand new map, and how to decipher it are arising. Each season also adds its own unique mechanics. 

New Updates in Fortnite Season 8

Kevin-like cubes are all over the island! Some spots on the island provide Sideways Anomalies which are portals to a monster-infested alternate dimension called The Sideways. Sideways extend special loot such as unique weapons.

On the other hand, there is a bleed-through effect in Sideways Zones. The Sideways is coming through to the island’s world. Just like the invaded locations in Season 7, these Sideways Zones will move from one match to another.

The war effort against these enigmatic cubes will be enrolling players into it. Players can impart gold bars to build new defenses, unvault weapons, and reshape the island all season long.  

Fortnite Season 8 sketches unified loopers in the face of an existential threat: the cubes. While Season 7 was about the community’s allegiance between the aliens and the IO.

Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass

New battle pass characters! Customarily, Season 8 includes another eight characters to unlock and explore. Players are free to customize and stylize them. Use your own cosmetics as you move through 100 tiers in the battle pass. Anticipation regarding the expected bonus enlightened skins is yet to be confirmed. 

Altered Map

The island of Apollo has been annihilated by the sentient cubes which once powered the alien Mothership in the new season. On collapsing Mothership onto the island, the cubes start to graze and open rifts into The Sideways, a parallel dimension filled with monsters.

NPC Locations

NPC’s are still holding up since Fortnite Season 5. The island is clustered with several NPCs and season 8 applauds more to come. Party Quests which players can pick up from NPCs are introduced in the new season.

Color Bottles and Rainbow Ink

Another customizable character named Toona Fish has been introduced. To unlock these fish customization options, players are required to collect Color Bottles that spawn in specific places. 


Advance weapons can be pulled out of the Sideways and bought to the island. You can upgrade them using Cube Monster Parts or you may also switch them for vaulted guns using Nuts and Bolts.

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