Fortnite Story Recap: Chapter 3 Season 2

Chapter 3 Season 2 also known as Season 20: Resistance started last 20th of March 2022 and ends 4th of June 2022. The Season will end with a Collision Live Event which will conclude the chapter’s storyline. As it approaches, let us have a look at the Fortnite Story Recap of Chapter 3 Season 2.

Chapter 3: Season 2 / Season 20: Resistance

Season 20: Resistance of Fortnite revolves around the war between The Seven and the Imagine Order through the lens of the members of The Seven.

So, who are The Seven? They are sentient entities determined to safeguard The Zero Point, the Heart of Reality Zero. The Seven will protect the item even if it means sacrificing themselves.

On the other hand, Imagined Order commonly referred to as the IO or The Order are the arch enemies of The Seven. They are an interdimensional organization that uses The Zero Point to keep “order” in Reality Zero and numerous worlds.

Before we head over to the main storyline, let us refresh our memories of what happened in the previous chapter.

Chapter 2: Apollo

The Last Reality, an interdimensional faction in Fortnite,  invaded Apollo, the map used in Chapter 2. At the same time, three members of The Seven arrived on the island for reconnaissance.

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The island was flipped over to expose a completely new island on the other side. Consequently, this event destroyed The Bridge, IO’s main headquarters. IO rebuilt their base on the new island and drilled underground to recuperate until their next invasion in Chapter 3.

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Chapter 3: Artemis

After drilling underground and causing severe ground tremors, IO member, Dr. Slone, resurfaced and declared war against The Seven. Along with other IO Members, the invasion of Artemis, Chapter 3’s Fortnite Map, started.

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Artemis did not fall into its invaders without resistance. Maximillian, The Foundation along with the Loopers initially defended Artemis. When the initial resistance is overwhelmed by IOs forces, Doctor Strange transported reinforcements including Iron Man, Black Widow, and other The Seven Members to the battlefield. The epic fight between The Resistance and the IO started.

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During the battle, The Resistance had to develop new tactics to fight on the ground as the Imagined Order prevented building. They tried to destroy the IO’s jammers and bring back the building with the help of The Looper.

Also, The Resistance trained for improved movement and conducted a Security Sweep on Seven Outposts for The Origin. To further strengthen their power, The Resistance gathered a sample of the IO’s Titan Tank alloy and develop the Armored Battle Bus. All the while, The Looper along with agent Jones guides Peely on how to drive.

When the building got restored, The Imagined instructed The Looper to spy on the IOs by placing wiretap devices. Doomsday devices were then discovered in the form of The Collider. The final battle started with the successful sabotage of IO’s Collider Activation simulation.

With the discovery of the activation of simulation, The Seven realizes that doomsday is approaching which prompted the recommission of Mecha and bringing back The Paradigm.

That is Fortnite Story Recap: Chapter 3 Season 2. Do not miss the conclusion of the storyline thru the Fortnite Collision event on June 4, 2022, at 4 P.M Eastern Time. 

Here is the Teaser Trailer for the event.

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