Cody “Clix” Conrod, one of the most gifted competitive Fortnite players, better known as Clix was recently banned on Twitch permanently. 

Just a few days ago Clix celebrated the feeling of receiving over 80k viewers on his FNCS tournament stream. He followed it up by pulling 108k in the recent FNCS qualifier stream. However, the satisfaction didn’t last too long, as Twitch officials decided to ban Clix, for the third time in his career.

February 15th would go down in history as a dark day for Clix fans as his tweets about “perma ban” comes right after his qualification in FNCS. Naturally, his fans have started their own movement with #freeclix trending on Twitter. 

While this may confuse the regular Fortnite enthusiast, an in-depth discussion about Conrod’s ban raises several questions about Twitch and its policies. 

Clix banned on Twitch for the third time after qualifying for FNCS

This “indefinite” ban comes after two similar incidents that plagued Conrod’s burgeoning career on Twitch before. The first ban included another streamer who was permanently banned on Twitch. The second time he got banned was due to the recent DMCA clause.

With his professional career at stake, the Fortnite community is patiently waiting to see how the young pro can escape his predicament, and get back to pulling massive numbers on Twitch. 

Conrod’s latest ban was exceedingly sensitive in nature as it includes nudity. During his live stream, Clix accidentally opened one of his private folders which had a nude image of fellow NRG superstar Ronald “Ronaldo” Mach.

The picture featured Ronaldo’s butt and it was displayed on stream for a few seconds. Clix realized his mistake soon enough and deleted the VOD from Twitch. However, that did not help too much as with moments Clix was served with a ban notice. 

Conrod went on to post a number of tweets to justify his stance on the matter. He posted: “perm ban… on everything I love.”

His posts received massive support on Twitter, from both the competitive Fortnite and the streamer community. This incident triggered the currently trending #freeclix on Twitter, and it revealed the subtle bias in Twitch bans.

Massive support from fans highlighting Twitch bans are biased

This episode adds to the laundry list of innocent mistakes the sixteen-year-old has committed on stream before. But, it also highlights the scathing double standards of Twitch. 

Some of the comments reflected how Twitch bans male streamers to make an example out of them.

Male Twitch streamers are targeted more often than women, when it comes to nudity and permanent bans.

The support for Clix echoed the unyielding truth that there is an invisible bias that exists in the online gaming community.

Highlighting a few of these comments would vivify this bias, which is often denied by the Twitch authorities.

@AbsorberYT said: “bruh I’m literally done with twitch. some random girl showed her a**hole on stream (not by accident), played with it, and gets a 3-day ban.”

NRG CEO, Any Miller, was not going to back down from reinstating Clix on Twitch, as she responded swiftly to the Twitter post. A subtle “We on it!” was enough to reassure the Fortnite community that Clix’s “perma ban” will not be permanent.

The massive support for Clix definitely highlights several nuances in Twitch’s ban regulation. Conrod’s 3.55M followers waiting on Twitch for the streamer to be reinstated. But, only time will define the longevity of his “indefinite ban.”


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