Fortnite “The Crossover” NBA Skins Available Soon

Fortnite gamers will be able to acquire a jersey from any team, equivalent to how NFL cosmetics have taken place, under the title “The Crossover.” This indicates that whatever franchise you support, your favorite team will be represented!

There will be a number of new aspects to watch out for when the Creative Hub is revamped. Certainly, the skins will be the most important aspect of this event.

The Crossover

Starting the 21st of May, you’ll be ready to wear your preferred NBA jersey as a skin. At 8:00PM, they will be available in the Item Shop, and Epic has confirmed that the “In The Paint” set will include 31 jerseys, representing all 30 NBA teams.

You’ll have to sit tight until the 25th of May if you want to see the new Creative Mode design. There will also be a new article about it, according to Epic. If you’re an enthusiast of the NBA, this is a great event to be a Fortnite gamer!

Shoot and Score

The Hookshot Emote and Mini Hoop Back Bling are included in the “Shoot & Score” bundle. The Back Bling is unique in that it will be able to display the rosters of all 30 NBA teams.

The locker packs for Donovan Mitchell and Trae Young will also be up later. The items of both are listed below:

Trae Young Donovan Mitchell
  • Scarlet Commander Outfit
  • Gold Digger Pickaxe
  • Happy Stars Wrap
  • Baller Emote
  • Cozy Champs Outfit
  • Sharky Shawl Back Bling
  • Stark Splitter Pickaxe
  • Dynamic Fire Wrap
  • Fire Spinner Emote

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