Epic Games recently tweeted about a bunch of new changes coming with Fortnite v15.40 Patch update. The update will bring back the fan favorite Air Royale LTM as well as the Floor is Lava LTM.

Several other details were also revealed on Twitter, as Epic Games is planning to give Chapter 2 Season 5 a grand send off. 

The focus here will be on the protracted changes that are coming to Fortnite with this upcoming update. Along with that, the recent inclusions with weapons will also be discussed below. 

Fortnite v15.40 patch update will bring back Floor is Lava and Air Royale LTM

Fortnite update v15.40 will go live on February 16th at 4 AM ET/1:00 AM PT/2:30 pm IST/9:00 AM GMT. 

The following details have been revealed through the Twitter posts by Epic Games:

  • Blast back with an unvaulted favorite! 
  • Fun for the whole squad! Characters will have more Exotics in stock for allies (or enemies) to acquire.
  • LTMs returning – Air Royale and Floor is Lava.
  • Adjust object/build level of detail in PC Perf Mode alpha.

Simultaneously, Epic also mentioned that Fortnite update v15.40 will remove unreleased assets and props that are currently being used in some Creative islands.

Floor Is Lava is coming back right after TheGrefg’s Fortnite Icon Series outfit release. It is one of the most popular LTMs in Fortnite and will surely attract players to try out the immersive game mode.

At the same time, Air Royale is another fan-favorite LTM that introduces the concept of planes in Fortnite. Usually players are tasked with hunting down enemies and dealing damage with these Planes in the game mode. 

The other announcement about a weapon being unvaulted has also drawn a lot of attention on Twitter. While most members of the community think it’s going to be a Rocket Launcher class weapon, some hope for the return of the Pump Shotgun. 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has not seen a decent Shotgun meta so far with respect to in-game mechanics. The Dragon’s Breath Shotgun, Lever Action Shotgun, Tactical Shotgun, Charge Shotgun, and the Double Barrel Shotgun are inferior to the Pump in Fortnite.

However, there is no telling what the unvaulted weapon would be. The most likely scenario would have a buffed Rocket Launcher coming to the game. 


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