Fortnite: Update 19.10 Downtime + Patch Notes


Fortnite Update 19.10 is almost here! The first big update of Chapter 3 is scheduled for 4 AM ET/1 AM PT/ 9 M GMT today.

Matchmaking will be disabled 30 minutes before. The downtime could last from 30 minutes to 2 hours. This timing depends on the quantity of new content, and this update is a big one. So, we might have to wait up for quite some time.

There hasn’t been much information from Epic Games on what we should expect with the new update. However, we do have some idea about what will be new on the Island after the update.

Tilted Towers

The Tilted Towers are making a return to Fortnite. It has been a fan favorite when it appeared in Chapter 1. The Towers had re-appeared at the beginning of Chapter 3, and players have been waiting for it to be unlocked. It seems like the Towers will be available with update 19.10. It has also been teased by the official Fortnite Twitter account, with a post saying: “One more sleep.”

Wild Dinosaur (Butter Cake)

A large-sized dinosaur had appeared in the images that were promoted for Chapter 3 Season 1. It seems like these creatures will also be unleashed with the new update. In addition, a leak about a Seasonal Quest references Butter Cake, which is thought to be a codename for the dinosaur. This quest will have to be completed “while standing within 10 meters” of Butter Cake.

Spider-Man, Again!

Epic Games has hinted toward more Spider-Man cosmetics throughout Chapter 3. There might be a Green Goblin skin as well in the mix. There might be related content incoming with the new update.

Bug Fixes

In addition to content, there are a few bug fixes that come with the update. While we do not know for sure, these are some of the things expected to be fixed with Fortnite Update 19.10.

  • Telescope Weekly Challenge: Some players were not able to find the third telescope in Stage 2 of “Destroy and collect telescope parts in a single match”
  • Charged Shotguns are not saved in Item Spawner
  • An issue that prevents SAC devices from functioning when placed in the Skydome device
  • DLSS for DirectX11 issue to be fixed
  • Spectators unable to join a match, get a “Network Connection Lost” error message
  • Cosmetic challenge bundle progress is not visible for some players
  • Healing is disabled inside tents
  • Daily Quests do not appear if a different mode was played before that
  • In Creative Mode, Crash Pads look visually incorrect
  • In Save The World Mode, the lighting effect does not appear with the Vacuum Tube Bow

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