Fortnite: Volcanic Assassin Pack – How to Claim

Fortnite - Volcanic Assassin Pack 2

With Fortnite’s newest patch, players can get the Volcanic Assassin Pack for free. Aside from new challenges coming to Fortnite every week, players can enjoy loads of new content. Read on to find out how to claim your free Volcanic Assassin Pack in Fortnite.

What is the Volcanic Assassin Pack in Fortnite?

After the latest patch in Fortnite dropped, Epic Games released a quest pack that can be claimed for free. The Volcanic Assassin Pack contains four cosmetics for Fortnite players to enjoy.

  • Fiery Flow Wrap
  • Fiery Jam Black Bling
  • Sulfuric Street Shine Pickaxe
  • Tectonic Komplex Skin
Fortnite - Volcanic Assassin Pack
Image Courtesy of Epic Games

However, the Volcanic Assassin Pack is only available for claiming through the PC version of PC. Follow the steps below to get your free quest pack.

  • Log onto Fortnite and go to the in-game store
  • Go to the Special Offers and Bundles section
  • Look for the Volcanic Assassin Pack and click on it
  • Then, “purchase” the pack

After doing the above steps, players immediately receive the Tectonic Komplex skin. However, the other items in the Volcanic Assassin Pack can only be unlocked by finishing quests or challenges.

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Can players on other platforms redeem the Volcanic Assassin Pack?

Unfortunately, the pack is only available for PC players. But some Fortnite players figured out a way for those playing Fortnite on other platforms to redeem the free pack. For the first method, players need to simply log onto Fortnite with either their PC or laptop. Then, they just need to follow the steps above to claim the Volcanic Assassin Pack.

Fortnite - Volcanic Assassin Pack 1
Image Courtesy of Epic Games

But for players who do not have access to a laptop or PC with Fortnite installed, there is also a method that lets them claim the pack.

How to redeem free quest pack for mobile and console players

By following the steps below, you can claim the Volcanic Assassin Pack through your smartphones.

  • Go to the official site of NVIDIA GeForce Now using your browser
  • Then, scroll down until you find your device in the Browser Experience section. From there, click on the launch button
  • Afterward, you’ll have NVIDIA GeForce Now on your device
  • Log in with your Fortnite account
  • After doing that, the main lobby of Fortnite will load
  • From there, go to the in-game shop and claim the Volcanic Assassin Pack from the Special Offers and Bundles section

Moreover, Epic Games stated in their FAQ that the challenges to getting all the free cosmetics can be completed on any platform. This means that you just have to claim the free pack on a PC or through GeForce Now. As for completing the challenges, you can do it on your preferred device.

Also, the Volcanic Assassin challenges will be available for however long it takes for players to complete them. However, the Volcanic Assassin Quest Pack is only available until June 16, 2022. For players who aren’t able to redeem the free pack, Epic Games promised it will be available again in the future but they need to spend V-Bucks this time around.

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