Fortnite: Week 8 Invasion and Rift Tour, All Details

The 8th week of Season 7: Invasion in Fortnite Battle Royale has arrived. We already have a date for not one, but two upcoming events in the game, with the Island in the midst of a war between the OI and the aliens. Let’s go over the Invasion as well as the upcoming Rift Tour!


  • When we consider the massive abducting UFO over the Cataclysm and the files leaked by dataminers all over the world, the first of the events point to a massive abduction of areas of Battle Island. In the lobby of Fortnite Battle Royale, we can see a countdown to the event, as well as some UFOs.
  • The live activity is set to take place on August 6 at 6:00PM (EST) if Epic doesn’t modify the countdown clock in the following days. It’s probable that this time will be modified partially as a result of any downtime or patches which may be applied from now until then.

Rift Tour

  • The newly announced Rift Tour is the second of the events, which is related but not identical. On the 6th and 8th of August, this event will be held. To participate, go to the game lobby and select “Rift Tour” instead of “Race ” from the drop-down menu. Once you’ve arrived, choose the date you want to enter and make sure you’ll be available when it’s the time!
  • Keep in mind that the amount of time you have to enter relies on the option you select. Make sure you arrive at least 60 minutes early for the game. The MTL Rift Tour will be open 30 minutes before the scheduled start time!
  • Everything about the Rift Tour suggests that it is a virtual concert by Ariana Grande, the pop star. Don’t rule out the possibility of skins appearing in the Ariana-related Item Shop; keep your turkeys on hand just in case!

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