We have seen some of the most intriguing character concepts come alive in Fortnite. While some character’s backstory is extraordinarily interesting, others are a sight that we have to behold. Characters like Peely were a “piece of sentient food”. Fishstick and Doggo were anthropomorphic animals. Adding to this list is Jellie or Ripley who are nothing but “living piles of goo”.

The latest addition in Fortnite’s plethora of animal-turned-into-human lines of skins is Fabio Sparklemane. This character is a “magical unicorn that doubles as the mascot for sugary cereal”. But the most horrifying thing about this character is its lore.

Fabio Sparklemane’s appearance of being an exuberant personality seems to be a complete façade, as underneath the perfectly rainbow-y masked appearance lies some gut-wrenching lore because a cereal-based curse plagues and haunts Fabio. Players were made aware of this curse when they first interacted with Fabio Sparklemane NPC, the opening dialogue of Fabio said, “HIYA! ANY IDEA HOW TO BREAK CEREAL-BASED CURSES???”

Fabio’s Curse

  • If players head on to the bio of the official mascot of Unicorn Flakes, then they will be able to gather more ideas about the curse. This bio consists of the saying that, “Fabio Sparklemane is cursed to roam the Island shooting cereal from his hooves until the sun turns to ash in the sky.”
  • Players can further investigate more about Fabio’s curse by taking a look at his cosmetics. “The built-in Flake Shakee emote makes Fabio eat cereal and do an Irish jig.” The description of the emote reads that, “He’s actually in horrible agony” which reveals the sinister meaning hidden behind the Irish jig.
  • Players can additionally unlock the lobby track of Flake That through the battle pass of Season 8, the lyrics and death metal switch talks about Fabio’s curse and players can also hear the screams of agony of Fabio asking desperately for help
  • But what is actually going on with Fabio Sparklemane? Is the curse just a marketing stunt or will Fabio end up awakening some monster that will end Season 8? Much speculation about Fabio’s curse has been going around but I guess we will have to wait and play to find out!

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