Fortnite: When Will Season 7, Chapter 2 End?

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 End , Season 8 Leaks, Chapter 3 Leaks

Fortnite is one the most popular games as of now and is currently on its Chapter 2 Season 7, which began on 8th June 2021. It has just been a month since it began and we already have the news for when it ends, so that you can plan how to use your battle pass effectively.

Here’s When It Ends

Season 7’s Invasion theme provided fans a lot to do, by introducing new characters, new weapons, items, spaceships, and whatnot. It seems like you still have a lot of time left to do everything! However, just enough to not get bored.

It’s official that the season would end on September 12, 2021, and you’ll have to wrap up the perks of your battle pass before this date. If you don’t plan it right, you might miss out on exclusive rewards like the Rick Sanchez skin from the ever-popular adult cartoon, Rick and Morty. After Season 7, Season 8 will commence, and we also have some information regarding season 8 as well as Chapter 3 of this incredible game.

The Leaks

There have been some significant and reliable leaks on the FortniteLeaks subreddit for season 8 as well as Chapter 3. Let’s look at what they are and how they might affect the future of Fortnite. The leaks for season 6 from the same source proved to be right and hence, we are calling it reliable, but the fact remains that it is not official, and believing it is up to you.

Some leaks about Season 8:

  • An Arianda Grande skin and concert will be coming
  • Other skins coming to season 8 include Naruto, and members of the Justice League and Suicide Squad
  • Naruto would probably be exclusive to Battle Pass owners along with an unlockable explosive kunai weapon
  • It might also include something called ‘The Sideways’, which would release monsters into the map
Some leaks about Chapter 3:
  • The Cube is probably returning at the end of this season and would be controlled by an ‘unknown Queen’, who will play a part in Fortnite Chapter 3
  • Reportedly, the location of The Seven is also set to be revealed in Chapter 3
  • Rideable monsters/mechs might also be introduced at some point in the future
  • Chapter 3 will reportedly redesign the map completely

That said, Chapter 3 might still be miles to go but season 7 ends on 12th September, which is less than two months away, so it’s time to plan your game accordingly and not lose on the rewards and perks of battle pass.

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