Fortnite: Where Is Agent Jones?

Agent Jones, originally an Epic outfit in Fortnite introduced in Chapter 2 Season 6, became a major character in the storyline of the Chapter. Initially a member of the Imagined Order, he left the Order and attempted to stop the Zero Point. He is also known to have entered The Loop many times.


  • He appeared in Season 6, where he resealed the Zero Point and was looped after that. In season 7, we noticed that the Guernsey skin seemed to be Agent Jones in disguise; probably hiding from the Imagined Order.
  • Even the Lac-pack Back Bling had a picture of Agent Jones on the milk carton with the word “MISSING” written.

After that, we saw him with the Impostors, where he sends them to the Bridge to sabotage the operations of the Imagined Order.

In Season 8 we have not been able to see the character at all.

From this, it was clear that Agent Jones had either gone into hiding from the Imagined Order or was busy enough with something that he could not make it into Season 8. Players might have seen that several areas have his snapshots, and this might be a hint from Epic about the future of the Season, or the Chapter, and Agent Jones.

Recently, Donald Mustard, the Chief Creative Officer at Epic, changed his Twitter banner to the Zero Point chamber, where Agent Jones could be found at a corner. The account also mentions Reality Zero. It has been speculated from this that Agent Jones is protecting Reality Zero, the core of the island after he managed to save it.

This image could also be a hint to the new Season or a whole new Chapter. Whatever Jones is doing, and whatever he plans to do, we will be finding out soon. And one thing is clear, Agent Jones has not entirely disappeared from Fortnite. He is biding his time or is waiting for the right moment to reveal himself again.

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