Fortnite: Where to find Ice Cream Cones

Fortnite: Where to find Ice Cream Cones

As the Fortnite island turns into a scorching battlefield, it is important to stay cool to emerge victorious. Epic Games has introduced Ice Cream Cones in Fortnite to find a way for players to cool down. This item offers special effects and bonuses to players when consumed, similar to when consuming Fish or Mushrooms. In this guide, we will take you on an adventure through the world of Ice Cream Cones in Fortnite, revealing where to find them, their incredible effects, and how they can give you the winning edge this Summer.

Mastering the Scoop: Where to find
Ice Cream Cones in Fortnite

Where to Find Ice Cream Cones in Fortnite

Ice cream cones can randomly pop up in any chest, but they tend to appear more often in the blue coolers scattered throughout the map. There are certain parts of the map where you’re more likely to find them.

Fortnite: Where to find Ice Cream Cones
Fortnite Island | Image courtesy of Epic Games | Remixed by Dhiman
  • Some of the best places to look for ice cream cones are Brutal Bastion, Creeky Compound, and the nearby Sunswoon Lagoon.
  • Apart from these locations, keep an eye out for Coolers at gas stations, grocery stores, and campsites.
  • You may also find ice cream cones as floor loot in some houses or on the pavement.

Ice Cream Cone Types and Effects

During the Summer Escape event, there are five types of Ice Cream Cones available, each with its unique effects:

  • Ice Cream Cone (Common): Restores HP (Health Points).
  • Spicy Ice Cream Cone (Common): Grants a temporary speed boost for 25 seconds.
  • Frozen Ice Cream Cone (Common): Grants icicle feet, allowing for faster and longer sliding.
  • Guzzling Ice Cream Cone (Uncommon): Slowly restores HP over time, up to a maximum of 100 points.
  • Lil Whip’s Special Serve (Legendary): Provides the Slurp effect, granting shields and health.

Completing Quests and Maximizing Rewards

Fortnite has introduced special quests related to Ice Cream Cones to make the most of the Summer Escape event.

  • By completing these quests, you can earn exciting rewards and gain significant XP towards your Chapter 4 Season 3 Battle Pass.
  • Be sure to indulge in these delicious treats strategically to complete the quests successfully.

Tips for Successful Gameplay

Prioritize searching for Coolers in the recommended areas mentioned earlier to increase your chances of finding Ice Cream Cones. However, you can find them anywhere else on the map if you’re lucky enough.

  • Consider the situation and choose the most suitable Ice Cream Cone based on its effects.
  • For example, the Frozen Ice Cream Cone can help you maneuver quickly on icy terrain, while the Guzzling Ice Cream Cone can restore your health over time during battles.
  • You can also share Ice Cream Cones with your teammates to boost the overall performance of your squad. You won’t eat all the ice creams alone now, would you?

As the heat rises in Fortnite, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Ice Cream Cones. These delicious treats provide unique effects and contribute to the completion of special quests and the accumulation of XP. By strategically utilizing Ice Cream Cones and exploring the recommended locations, you can gain an edge over your opponents and savor sweet success on the Battle Royale Island. Stay Cool and Happy Gaming! 

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