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We’re not halfway through the year, but things in Fortnite have been quite eventful, haven’t they? From dropping in the Island as Eren Yeager to zipping around on ODM gear, Fortnite has kept its community fed with the content available in the game. We’re almost at the end of May, but Epic Games still has a lot planned for their players. For the Spider-Verse collab, Fortnite has released new outfits, events, and a Mythic item called the Web Shooters. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Web Shooters, including where to find them. Stay with us!

What are the Spider-Verse Web Shooters in Fortnite?

Fortnite introduced a new Mythic item to the game called the Web Shooters. It launched alongside the new limited-time Spider-Verse event that featured Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, and Spider-Man 2099. Like the ODM gear from the Attack on Titan collab, Web Shooters allow you to zip across the vast map in Epic Games’ popular battle royale.

Using your Web Shooters, you can swing through the air just like Spider-Man in the movies and the games! You can even launch yourself through the air as you use your webs to swing around. Pair the Web Shooters with any Spider-Man outfit in Fortnite, and you can recreate any of your favorite Spider-Man scenes.

Depending on the player, there are different strategies for using the Web Shooters.

  • Are you an aggressive player who wants to wipe out duos or squads? Or do you prefer picking off enemies from a high vantage point? You can do all this with the Web Shooters!
  • If you want to chase down enemies, the Web Shooters allow you to move faster.
  • On the other hand, you can also access high places without building flights of stairs and attracting unnecessary attention to your location.

Where to find Web Shooters in Fortnite

Of course, those wouldn’t be possible if you didn’t have the Web Shooters in your inventory first. There are two ways to find and obtain the Web Shooters in Fortnite, and they’re fairly easy.

  • The first way to find Web Shooters is by spotting them as loot on the floor. This Mythic item spawns randomly, so you’ll really have to keep an eye out if you want to get the Web Shooters.
  • The second method is a guaranteed way for players to find and equip Web Shooters in Fortnite. You need to look for Spider-Gwen, the new NPC that will only be around for the duration of the Spider-Verse event.
    • She can be found in Slappy Shores, and you will need to exchange your Gold Bars for the Web Shooters.
    • The Web Shooters cost 600 Gold Bars every time you buy them from Spider-Gwen. Be careful, as other players who could not find Web Shooters from the floor may follow this method as well.

Spider-Gwen location during Fortnite x Spider-Verse

To find this NPC and exchange your Gold Bars for the Web Shooters, head over to Slappy Shores. She will be on the rooftop somewhere in the area, so keep your eyes peeled for her signature black, white, and pink suit.

There is no set location on which rooftop Spider-Gwen will be at. Her location in Slappy Shores is randomized for each match you drop into. You will also need to find a way to climb up to the rooftops by either building makeshift stairs, or jumping and mantling your way over to her.

  • Before you set out to find her, ensure that you have a good amount of Gold Bars in your inventory.
  • The Web Shooters alone cost 600 Gold Bars, so set aside some extra Bars if you want to purchase Shield Kegs from her.
  • During your first interaction with Spider-Gwen, she also gives players some health items. Thanks, Gwen!

We hope this guide helped you find Web Shooters in Fortnite during this exciting collab with the Spider-Verse. Have you had the chance to try out the Web Shooters yet? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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