Fortnite 25.10: Where to find Wildguard Relik Mythic Boss | Rewards

Fortnite 25.10: Where to find Wildguard Relik Mythic Boss | Rewards

A new and exciting addition has been made to Fortnite in the latest update, Fortnite 25.10. Fortnite has introduced another fun-to-kill boss, the Wildguard Relik. A formidable boss that requires top-tier pro skills to defeat and offers incredible rewards. We’re just kidding; even a newbie with a proper plan can beat the Wilguard Relik while enjoying the full potential of the rewards it has to offer. So let us answer the question you have in mind right now, “Where to find Wildguard Relik Mythic Boss.” You might also want to know, How to turn invisible in Fortnite with the latest update.

Conquer the Wildguard Relik: Stealth and Firepower Await in Fortnite 25.10!

Where to find the Wildguard Relik in Fortnite?

To embark on this thrilling encounter, you must first locate the Wildguard Relik boss in Fortnite.

  • These bosses can be found in the Rumble Ruins area of the Battle Royale map.
  • While there isn’t an exact location, you’ll need to explore the region thoroughly until you stumble upon this mighty adversary.

How to defeat the Wildguard Relik?

Defeating the Wildguard Relik doesn’t require any fancy legendary or mythic weapons. Instead, a strategic approach is key.

  • Make sure to replenish your shield and equip yourself with suitable weapons before engaging in combat.
  • The Wildguard Relik might be tough to kill at first, but with careful planning and execution, you can emerge victorious.
  • Remember to utilize cover and aim for critical hits to maximize damage.
  • A Heavy Sniper Rifle might prove to be handy while going into battle with the Wildguard Relik. This is because you can cause maximum damage while maintaining a safe distance from the Relik.

Play smart and cautiously, and victory will be within your grasp.


The rewards for defeating the Wildguard Relik are genuinely remarkable.

Cloak Gauntlets; how to turn invisible in Fortnite

One of the most coveted drops is the Cloak Gauntlets, which can make you invisible to other players for a brief period. Well, yes, this answers your question of “How to turn invisible in Fortnite.”

  • Imagine the advantage of slipping past enemies undetected and surprising them from behind. In the hands of a skilled player, this item can make everyone beg for mercy.
  • Use this temporary invisibility strategically to gain the upper hand in intense battles.
Fortnite 25.10: Where to find Wildguard Relik Mythic Boss | Rewards
Screengrab courtesy of Perfect Score via YouTube

MK-Alpha Assault Rifle:

In addition to the Cloak Gauntlets, the Wildguard Relik drops the MK-Alpha Assault Rifle, a mythic-level weapon with devastating firepower.

  • This assault rifle boasts an impressive damage output of 28 per hit, making it a force to be reckoned with.
  • Its accuracy and range allow you to engage enemies from a distance, giving you a significant advantage in various combat scenarios.
Fortnite 25.10: Where to find Wildguard Relik Mythic Boss | Rewards
Screengrab courtesy of Perfect Score via YouTube

It’s important to note that more than one Wildguard Relik may be scattered across the map. Each encounter doesn’t present a unique challenge; it’s all the same, but if you’re a squad player and want the rewards for each team member, yes, kill them. However, even defeating just one Wildguard Relik can grant you the power to ensure victory royale. So, keep your eyes peeled and be prepared to face this epic challenge.


In conclusion, the latest update to Fortnite has introduced the thrilling Wildguard Relik boss, providing an exhilarating gameplay experience. With moderate skills and a strategic approach, you can defeat this boss and obtain the incredible rewards it holds. The Cloak Gauntlets, granting temporary invisibility, and the powerful MK Alpha Assault Rifle are just some of the mythic-level items that can turn the tide in your favor. Embrace the challenge, locate the Wildguard Relik, and claim victory in Fortnite’s ever-evolving battleground. May the battle be in your favor!

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