The news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death took up most of the mainstream media last September 8, 2022. Following the Queen’s death, companies and famous personalities from all over offered their sincerest condolences to the Royal Family for losing such an important political figure. On the other hand, there were those who took this opportunity to make light of the situation. One such instance is the rumor that there will be a Queen Elizabeth skin coming to Fortnite soon to commemorate her passing.

At first glance, it does sound ridiculous and you wouldn’t think a company as big as Epic Games would risk their reputation by releasing a skin inspired by the late Queen Elizabeth II. Thankfully, this has been debunked and there has been no confirmation from Epic Games themselves. This leads us to the question of: “Why is it a bad idea to include a Queen Elizabeth II skin in Fortnite?”

It’s a bad idea to include a Queen Elizabeth II skin in Fortnite… but why?

Fortnite is known to release collaborations with literally anyone at this point. It doesn’t matter if they’re releasing a new skin based on a currently-trending person or an emote based on a TikTok dance. Epic Games has proven time and again that it is literally possible for a game to release crossovers with just about anything.

But if we’re talking about a prominent political figure such as Queen Elizabeth II, it’s highly unlikely they’ll do this. Even if they do, it’s a completely bad idea to include her in the game. Here are a few reasons off the top of our head why it’s a bad move for Epic to release a skin based on Her Majesty:

  • As we said, she’s a political figure with questionable actions and decisions during her reign
  • Out of respect for the deceased, would you really like to see the Queen doing the ‘Jiggle Jiggle’ dance after they eliminate you?
  • The Royal Family is known to be wary of letting companies and brands use their members to promote their products
  • Honestly speaking, Queen Elizabeth II and her family are problematic

Fortnite has to rethink whether it’s really a good idea to include a controversial figure in their game

Even if you’re part of the Royal Family, you really can’t have it all. It comes as no surprise when there were people who made jokes about the Queen’s passing last September 8. Some even felt relief at the news as opposed to her supporters who felt sad when the news broke out about Elizabeth II’s death.

  • This was mainly due to how the Royal Family and the Queen herself have made questionable decisions in the past
  • In turn, these decisions affected minorities and those not belonging to the ruling class
  • The Royal Family is known to have colonialist and racist views
  • The British Army, in the name of Elizabeth II, carried out harmful acts

Even if it’s their way of commemorating her, immortalizing her more than the British media has already done by turning her into a Fortnite skin is not necessary. What’s necessary right now is for the Royal Family to acknowledge all their wrongdoings.

She may have had her moments as the Queen, but we really can’t turn a blind eye to the injustices committed by this family. Places like India, Pakistan, and Kenya deserve at least an apology for everything that the Royals have put them through.

Rumors started after talented Fortnite players got creative following the Queen’s passing

We wouldn’t be talking about all of this if it wasn’t for those so-called leaks making their rounds on Twitter after the Queen’s death. There wouldn’t even be a discussion if the leaks themselves weren’t convincing.

Fortnite Why is Queen Elizabeth skin a bad idea - Leaks
Images Courtesy of Twitter and YouTube

Here is an example of one of the first few leaks that came following Queen Elizabeth II’s death:

The leaker claims that she will be a part of the Icon Series skin in Fortnite. Because of how convincing it was, some Fortnite players actually believed it and there were others who hopped on the trend:

Of course, Epic Games has not confirmed anything about a Queen Elizabeth II skin coming to Fortnite anytime soon. By the looks of it, these are all just rumors and jokes from the Fortnite community as their way of… paying respects?

Nevertheless, it gave us quite a bit of a chuckle but still, we stand by what we said: it’s a bad idea, Epic. Please don’t do it.

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