Fortnite x Attack on Titan: Strange Monoliths – Explained

Fortnite Mysterious Monoliths in Chapter 4 Season 2

Following the massive Fortnite v24.20 update, strange things have suddenly appeared across the island. Chapter 4 Season 2 saw one of the biggest crossovers between two popular icons, Fortnite and Attack on Titan. Meanwhile, a series of unexplained phenomena left Fortnite players wondering. Right after the update, mysterious monoliths have been spotted in three different locations. But, what could really be the meaning behind these in-game monoliths? Is there something big coming our way?

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Nobody knows for sure what is the use of these monoliths. There are three of them now and one of them, the Marine Monoliths, can be found in a valley between Knotty and Kenjutsu. On the other hand, the Mossy Monoliths can be located somewhere near the Citadel. The last one called the Mountain Monoliths, appeared in the Snow Biome. Below are a few theories we gathered from all over the internet regarding the mysterious appearance of these pillars.

Theory #1: Triarch Nox and The Last Reality

There is a theory that the unexplained appearance of the monoliths is connected to the Triarch Nox’s return to Fortnite. Nox is the Crew Pack skin for April, and its return could mean something. May it be good or bad.

Fortnite Triarch Nox
Screengrab Courtesy of ShuffleGamer (via YouTube)

Some say that Triarch Nox was a member of The Last Reality, and it wanted to bring back the faction to complete its mission to eradicate other realities outside its own. The other two Triarchs’ whereabouts are still unknown, but with THREE monoliths, we smell something fishy. To further support this theory, the monoliths are somehow arranged in a “cube pattern”, seemingly depicting the leader of The Last Reality, The Cube Queen. Are they preparing to conquer the island?

Fortnite The Last Reality
Photo Courtesy of Fortnite Wiki Fandom
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Theory #2: Zero Point is losing grasp of the island

With the appearance of the monoliths also comes the appearance of questionable cracks all over the island. Players have spotted numerous cracks or tire marks from different parts of the map that seems to be as unexplainable as the monoliths.

Fortnite cracks all over the island
Screengrab Courtesy of Top5Gaming (via YouTube)

Some say that these cracks are the result of the phenomena wherein the Zero Point is losing grasp of the island following the appearance of the three monoliths. The life source of the island has been directly from Zero Point ever since the game began. With an imminent danger, something bad could be brewing underneath the surface. Could it be a Titan? The Last Reality? Is water breaking from underground? Nobody knows yet.

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Theory #3: The Monoliths are a teaser for a Fortnite live event soon

Whoa! We’re getting another Fortnite live event soon?

Hold your horses, there is no announcement yet if Chapter 4 Season 2 is getting a live event in the future. However, the monoliths could be a teaser for a possible live event in which they would emerge and create a portal, leading to the event.

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Almost everybody is rooting for a live event and that could come to reality if Fortnite follows the same formula. Every second season usually gets a live event, so that means, Chapter 4 Season 2 could also get one, right?

It has been a massive update for Fortnite so be sure to get your hands on these new amazing additions to the game! Plus, did you find this guide useful? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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