Fortnite Leaks Goku Black Skin All Details
Courtesy of Toei Animation

Fortnite and Dragon Ball Super fans alike have been buzzing with excitement over the possibility of an epic collaboration involving the popular Goku Black Saga.

Renowned leaker @ShiinaBR shared information about a potential Dragon Ball collaboration, igniting the community’s interest. A male skin with the codename “Dual Paradox” is reportedly to be in development, with two different variants.

Given the cell-shaded design and one variant featuring a pink head, fans have speculated that the character could be Goku Black transforming into Rose Goku Black.

Fortnite Skin: Goku Black

Supporting the speculation is the mention of a dual pickaxe. This could be related to Rose Goku Black’s Keyblades or his scythe, an evolved version of the key sword and Keyblade. As Goku Day (May 9th) approaches, many believe that the collaboration will have an official announcement soon, bringing the highly anticipated character to Fortnite.

  • According to FN Assist, the Dual Paradox skin is very likely a Goku Black and Zamasu collaboration, set to arrive around Goku Day.
  • This would include a staff pickaxe, which could be the scythe and a gold pickaxe. The gold pickaxe remains a mystery. However, some speculate that it could be a Super Saiyan pickaxe for Goku Black, referencing his manga transformation.

Further leaks by iFireMonkey and HYPEX seem to confirm that the Goku Black skin is indeed coming soon. A release is likely on May 9th. It’s worth noting that nothing is officially confirmed. However, the overwhelming amount of evidence points to a highly anticipated Goku Black and potentially Rose Goku Black skin joining Fortnite.

Possible Collaborative Characters

If the collaboration is indeed centered around the Goku Black Saga, there is potential for several other Dragon Ball Super characters to join the Fortnite roster.

Some possibilities include Zamasu, Future Trunks, and Future Mai. The addition of these characters would provide an exciting mix of fan-favorite heroes and villains, as well as a female character to round out the collaboration.

Goku Black Saga’s Popularity

The Goku Black Saga has been a significant money-maker for the Dragon Ball franchise. The merchandise and promotional content draw in massive revenue. A collaboration between Fortnite and Dragon Ball Super that capitalizes on this popular arc would be a smart move for both franchises.

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super collaboration featuring the Goku Black Saga is an exciting event for fans of both franchises. The introduction of Goku Black, Zamasu, Future Trunks, and Future Mai would be a fantastic way to pay homage to this popular arc and offer fans a chance to play as their favorite characters in the Fortnite universe.

May 9th is just around the corner. It won’t be long before fans have definitive answers about this exciting new collaboration. As Fortnite continues to expand its universe with popular anime franchises, players can look forward to more unique experiences and engaging content in the future.

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