Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z: How to get Shenron Glider for free

After months of leaks and speculations, the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z crossover is finally happening. On August 16, Tuesday, Fortnite released a video teaser about the much-anticipated collaboration. They also revealed other details that include such as quests, rewards, versus boards, a festival, and more.

Moreover, Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus officially came in and have skins in the game too. The skins for these characters are now available in the Item Shop. Sounds exciting right?

But what’s more exciting in this collaboration is the free Shenron Glider for free. Shenron is a magical dragon from the anime series. However, players won’t easily get it because they have to complete training and have the glider as a reward for free.

Get to know how to get the Shenron Glider in the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z crossover

Complete the training
  • Firstly, go on the Power Unleashed tab in the game. Then to get the Shenron Glider, players must go on training. The training includes seven quests to go through.
  • These quests are going to train different kinds of skills in the game. Moreover, these skills are strength, agility, focus, and more.
  • Once you complete a certain quest, there is one corresponding dragon ball for it. Then your power level increases. This is until you finish it and collect all seven dragon balls.
  • When you are done with the training and have already seven dragon balls. You can now claim the cool Shenron Glider as your reward.
Image Courtesy of Fortnite

Completing the training is certainly fulfilling as you are going to get this iconic dragon Shenron Glider for FREE. So have fun getting that glider while it lasts since it is only up for a limited time.

When is the end of the Power Unleashed Quests?
  • The quest is only up until August 30, Tuesday at 4 AM (ET). Players must complete the training within the given time frame. Once it is done, the Shenron Glider is not free anymore.
  • However, it is still going to be available soon in the Item Shop. Players must purchase it already to get the glider.

To know more about the other features of this collaboration, you may want to read it here. So now enjoy this great collaboration of Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z. Go follow their social media accounts for the latest updates about the game too.

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