Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z – Is it True?

Another possible crossover is yet to come in the world of Fortnite. This time it’s said to be the famous Japanese animated series, Dragon Ball Z. But the question is, is it true? Let’s find out.

According to Shiina, a verified leak and news account of Fortnite has tweeted something about the Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z collaboration. The account revealed that Epic Games has added a logo in their files that are similar to a logo from the animated series.

This post has sparked hype among the fans of Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z. Making them look forward to this leaked information from the game.

“Stamina Capsule” item logo similar to Dragon Ball Z 

Fans became more hyped not long after the post of Shiina. HYPEX which is another verified Fortnite leak and news account also posted about the collaboration between Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z. A revealed creative prop “Stamina Capsule” which has a similar look to the Capsule Corp. logo to Dragon Ball Z.

This leak also says that Epic Games has been working on a “Stamina” item that could be used as a consumable in the game. A similar logo from Dragon Ball Z appearing wouldn’t be just a coincidence. It could be a tease for fans and is a step closer to their upcoming crossover.

When is the possible release of Fornite x Dragon Ball Z?

As per the other leak of HYPEX, the collaboration is expected to be released in August since Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie is coming on August 19th.

So is the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z collaboration true?

To be honest, there’s no official announcement yet from Fortnite themselves. But the chances are high for this collaboration because of the leaks make sense. As HYPEX said it could be out in August because there’s an upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie.

The new Dragon Ball Z movie strengthens the speculations because Fortnite is usually making collaborations in time for the upcoming releases of the show, movie, game, and more. So the hope is certainly there.

It’s going to be exciting to have a Goku skin and emotes in the game. Plus the possibility of the two iconic Japanese anime characters Goku and Naruto colliding together in the battlegrounds of Fortnite. Since Naruto crossover is already in Fortnite.

Furthermore, we now just have to wait for Fortnite with their official announcement.

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