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In early July, leaks already appeared about the possibility of Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z. The speculations began when two verified Fortnite leak accounts tweeted about the possible crossover of Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z. There was a “Stamina” item seen from the game with a similar logo from the anime series.

And now, there are new leaks are from the same accounts again. This time it is about the character skins, an emote, abilities, and more. You may also want to read more about the early leaks here.

Latest leaks for Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z 

Most of the leaks came from Mida, a Fortnite news and Epic Partner account.

Dragon Ball Z skins

Three ‘confirmed’ skins are coming into the world of Fortnite soon. The characters are the main protagonist Goku, the prince Vegeta and Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7.

As it was tweeted, 3 of the 4 Dragon Ball skins so there’s 1 more coming. But there’s already a possibility that 4th character’s skin would be Bulma, the female scientist. So we are yet to find out if it is true.

A “Super Saiyan” emote

A piece of information given by Mida says that there is going to be an emote that would the skins transforms into their “Super Saiyan” form. If this turns out to be true, this would probably be the coolest thing ever.

Possible abilities

The popular “Kamehameha” energy attack is going to be part of this possible collaboration. It is also assumed that this attack is going to be a new Mythic Ability.

Aside from the “Kamehameha” ability, assumingly there’s another one which is the “Stamina” item. This could be similar to the early leak of the stamina capsules which could be consumables. However, this new stamina leak could alter the character’s movement in the game.

A possible glider

The “Attack Ball” from the anime series is a spaceship for transporting. Moreover, this spaceship is going to be a glider in the game. It would be cool going down in style using it as a glider.

The release date might be this late August 

With a very high possibility of this crossover being true. There are still no official announcements from Fortnite. However, it is most likely to be released this late August.

It could be after the showing of the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie on August 19. Therefore, we are yet to find out soon.

Always make sure to check out their official social media accounts. We are getting that Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z collab!

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SOURCES: Twitter (Mida, Shiina, and HYPEX)