Fortnite x Kid LAROI – What we know so far

Fortnite can now be called a home for collaborations. With all the past and possible upcoming collaborations, they certainly deserve that title. As they entered a new chapter, numerous collabs happened right away. To kick off Chapter 4 Season 1, The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia came to the game. YouTuber MrBeast visited the game, and even characters from the huge anime title My Hero Academia arrived. Of course, Epic Games brings so much more, and this time around a Fortnite x The Kid LAROI collab, here’s what we know so far about this event.

Fortnite x The Kid LAROI event

If you stayed with Fortnite, you know that some collabs settle with few skins and in-game items, but they may have chosen to go all-out with this one. Epic Games revealed more information about the upcoming The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dreams. The Australian rapper, singer, and songwriter makes his debut in Fortnite starting Friday, January 27, 2023, at 6 PM ET.

  • This Fortnite event would offer a Kid LAROI island, it’s that big! Get the chance to hear his newest song “Love Again” in the game starting on Friday as well. We can say that a concert may be coming up with three more unreleased songs to be played on the island, including Afterparty Island!

LAROI items and outfits

  • If you’re looking forward to outfits related to The Kid LAROI, luckily, you can have them before the event starts. On January 26, you may check out the Fortnite Item Shop and catch The Kid LAROI and The Rogue LAROI outfits for sale!
Fortnite x The Kid LAROI, outfits
Photo Courtesy of Epic Games
  • Oh, by the way, did you catch The Kid LAROI Cup last January 24? If you did, were you successful in grabbing the outfits? We know you also received a special Banner Icon and Emoticon, and definitely ready for the event, we see you!
  • Going back to January 26, rock the LAROI merch in the shop before the concert starts. Check out the Electrified Style to add to the default style. The outfit below includes a Get My Bag Back Bling, a blue default Style, and the pink Left Alone Style.
The Kid LAROI, merch fortnite
Image Courtesy of Epic Games
  • On the other hand, get the Rogue LAROI outfit to transform into a hunter. Take a peek at the outfit below, it includes a Tragic BLADE Back Bling, which can be unsheathed as a Pickaxe. Oh, the Free Style Wrap matches the outfit too, so wait for it in the shop!
LAROI, outfits shop
Photo Courtesy of Epic Games

The LAROItown

  • The island name says it all, attend the LAROI concert and quest across the cybercity. While we get a look at the journey of LAROI to worldwide stardom, let’s enjoy the favorite tracks and new music from the artist. Of course, just like every concert, an Afterparty awaits where you can listen to Wild Dreams mix on a loop.
  • The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dreams Quests become available to complete and get exciting and exclusive LAROI items. Lobby tracks like Love Again and a Thousand Miles, Tags, and Sprays can be received and of course XPs! Make sure to accomplish the quest before it ends on February 3 at 6 PM ET.
Fortnite event
Image Courtesy of Epic Games
  • Don’t worry though, the Fortnite x The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dreams event doesn’t end until April 27 at 6 PM ET. So even if the quests conclude in a week, you can still enjoy the LAROItown in Fortnite. To visit the island, you can find The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dreams on the Discover Page. Another option would be inputting the island code 2601-0606-9081, either way, it would bring you to LAROItown island.
  • Lastly, if you want to join the Afterparty island, head to the Discover tab and find The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dream Afterparty. Use this input code 4294-0410-6136 if you want another way to enter the island.

Are you ready to party your way to this Fortnite x The Kid LAROI event? See you at LAROItown, players!

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If Epic Games came all out with this LAROI event, maybe we’ll get a few more huge collaborations like this. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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SOURCE: Epic Games

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