Fortnite x Rocket League crossover – All details

Fortnite’s chapter 3 is ending, but not without a bang. Epic Games are pulling out all the stops to ensure the finale is as memorable as the past events. They announced the Fortnite and Rocket League crossover, with both games getting updates for the High Octane event. Here’s everything you need to know about it:

High Octane Updates

It wouldn’t be a Rocket League crossover without a vehicle from the game. Epic Games will showcase a new vehicle placed on the map for players to discover. It will have high speeds and the ability to perform feats, unlike other cars in the game. Players who can master it may find that it’s one of the best ways to traverse the map.

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Apart from the new vehicle, there will be quests for players to enjoy. It will include thematic loot based on Rocket League and Sideswipe.

A New Limited Time Mode

As a part of the chapter-end celebrations, Epic also announced they are introducing a new 40v40 mode to the game. As the name implies, players will fight in a large-scale war between two teams, where one must eliminate all the opposition to win. Large-scale war-like battles have always been a fun mode in battle royales, and players are already queuing up to get their hands on the action.

The new High Octane event has started and will go on for several weeks until December 3. It will also be when the chapter ends and we can expect changes to the game.

What to Expect with Chapter 4?

As with new Chapters, the next edition will likely see a new map for players to enjoy. This map change will likely coincide with the story of Fortnite, with the takeover of chrome. New chapters often mean that the overall island will change, though Epic tends to keep some of its locations in the latest iteration.

The new chapter will also likely introduce Creative 2.0, which has already been in the works for a long time. The introduction of it will introduce new tools for creators and an update of the Fortnite engine. An introduction of the Unreal Engine for Fortnite will be revolutionary, but it may not come at the season’s start. CEO Tim Sweeney announced that it was still under development, but they hope to release it in late January 2023.

Content creators are also talking about potential leaks and updated game files, but take the info with a grain of salt. Some are stating that Fortnite will implement a new flying mount that they have also teased. Adding new guns is also possible, and Chapter 4 may look to continue the crossover shenanigans. One confirmed character for the next chapter is Geno, the leader of the Imagined Order. He’s been appearing in the Fortnite x Marvel crossover comics.

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