Fortnite is known for its extraordinary crossover events over the years. Releases from franchises in the Marvel and DC cinematic universes have become synonymous with a new skin being released in Fortnite. Recently, Squid Game, a South Korean survival drama show on Netflix, has been rising to fame. Fortnite players became impatient to get their hands on a collab skin so they replicated the game instead!

Other players can also experience such maps created on the Creative Mode on the creator’s servers. This provides an excellent opportunity for creators to recreate mini-games from the show in the game, and this is exactly what creators such as the famous Glitch King are doing.

Red Light, Green Light

  • Glitch King has managed to recreate the game almost perfectly in Fortnite, from the rules of the game, the costumes, and the eerie music. In the mini-game, players have to queue in the sorting area. In here, you will see beds that resemble the sleeping quarters.
  • When the lobby is full, players will head over to the playing area where they will have to line up for the start. At the far end, you will notice a huge doll as in the Netflix series. On crossing this doll, players will reach the safe zone.
  • One player is to be the host, who will utter “Green Light” and “Red Light”.
  • During the green light, players will have to move across toward the safe zone.
  • Conversely, you have to stop on the spot when the red light is uttered. If they fail to stop moving, they will be eliminated by the host.

In order to join this mini-game, follow the steps mentioned here.
  • After launching Fortnite, select Creative in the game selection menu and click change to access this mode
  • Select Play and then select Island Code and enter
  • You will have to enter the code here for the map you would like to enter, and then click on Launch. Glitch King has posted his code on Twitter for players: 4453-7853-1540

Even though Fortnite has not officially collaborated with Squid Game, content creators have begun imitating the characters in the show. Creators are doing this through the Fortnite Creative Mode, which enables players to create their own maps and to include content from the game such as weapons, different terrains, and buildings.

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