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Since yesterday, some Xbox Fortnite users have been reporting sound issues. In some circumstances, the sound stutters, lags, or is choppy, while in others, the sound constantly cutting off or is completely unusable. There have been no reports of audio problems on any other platform as of yet. Both the PlayStation and the PC are in good working order. It’s possible that the glitch just affects Xbox One and not Xbox Series X.

Audio Issues

Players have claimed that closing and reopening the game fixes the problem in some circumstances. Others believe that entirely reinstalling the game solves the problem, while others claim that only completely resetting the Xbox solves the problem. Unfortunately, some users have attempted all three of the aforementioned remedies and still have audio troubles.

Epic Games is informed of the issue and has stated that it is looking into it. There have been no developments so far. If you’re still having audio problems, try playing with the sound off and the Visualize Sound Effects setting on for a little more.

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