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Due to their teaming, Pokimane and xQc received penalties from Fortnite.
Pokimane and xQc were two of the most popular Twitch streamers, however, they were recently light-banned from Fortnite after collaborating with their opponents in-game.

xQc, Pokimane Kicked Out of Game

Both streamers dodged a ban while playing together on March 25 after “teaming” with stream snipers, a word that refers to players who purposely coordinate with one another to achieve a mutually beneficial goal.

When they continued the game after being expelled from Fortnite, their reaction was very funny. As a gamer, I find it strange that they were surprised to be kicked out of a game where the goal is to eliminate other players.

After the incident, the two were oddly shocked. Fans were asked by xQc if it was a natural occurrence. Pokimane, on the other hand, expressed regret to her supporters. It did not result in a ban since it’s their first time violating rules in Fortnite.

It’s quite ingenious of them to stream and ask players to meet up in-game while on a non custom match. The streamers should have made it a custom game. The streamers can announce online that it’ll be a first come first serve basis meet and greet. The game allegedly was reported and both streamers were kicked out of the match and received penalties. if they made it a custom match, there won’t be any violations.

Devs Vs Streamers

xQc is no stranger to having stream chased down or getting sniped. In Fortnite, it happened once more. While xQc and Pokimane were trying to play, a swarm of fans approached them, hopping around for the chance to be seen on stream.

It’s rewarding for streamers to promote the game and build a supportive community. However, as promoters and players, it is a huge mistake to ignore the laws and restrictions of the games. These games however, made the streamers famous. They should be aware of the consequences of their choices, and it’s amusing to see both streamers confused by what would supposedly occur during the Livestream.

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