*Proceeds to sing Happy Birthday* Happy birthday to you! Congratulations to Fortnite and Epic Games for reaching five years in the gaming market with a huge and stable fanbase! With all the events, seasons, and surprises, fans have been hooked, been playing these three-mode cross-play video games. In case you’re wondering, yes, there are numerous things to expect on Fortnite’s 5th anniversary on September 26th, but the party starts tomorrow, September 23rd! If you want to know more, just stay with us.

Fortnite’s 5th anniversary

It’s a no-brainer that Fortnite would love to give back to its fans during the anniversary. As the anticipated day of celebration nears, Epic Games dropped what to expect on the day itself. Here’s everything you need to know, players!

Huge discounts and giveaways

Hmm, there is no official announcement yet about discounts, but maybe we can expect some. You know, the in-game store may be full of sale discounts perfect for a party celebration, don’t you think so? Surprise flash sales or whole-day price cut-offs, oh we wouldn’t miss out on any V-bucks discounts!

Fortnite V Bucks currency
Image Courtesy of Epic Games
  • Or maybe… V-bucks giveaway? Anyways, it would be the best celebration if they’ll give out loot bags too, hooray for giveaways! Although same sentiment with the discount, no official news, but maybe we can hope for it! Just log into your accounts and play Fortnite, and maybe a few surprise giveaways are up in the free-to-play video game! So, players, you may want to stay tuned at their in-game store if anything goes or happens *winks*

How about let’s move forward with the event schedule?

Event Schedule

Party begins tomorrow, so do note what to expect in the game. There are a few quests and activities that players can enjoy throughout the weekend. Let’s check it out!


Firstly, memories will always be forever, especially photos. So to keep the 5th anniversary in your memories, Fortography makes its return to the game!
  • Find the perfect spot to take the perfect photo in Fortnite. Screenshots galore! Wait, it shouldn’t be that easy, right? Of course, do remember that the theme should be the same as what we are celebrating: birthday.
  • How are you going to do that? You may have some kept photos in your gallery that you can share. Maybe you can gather your Fortnite friends and take a screenshot with all of you celebrating on the birthday-designed island in the game. Just take the most birthday-themed screenshot or photo you can imagine of!

Fortnite 5th anniversary event FORTOGRAPHY

  • If you’re lucky enough, get to see your photos in the blog post of Fortnite on October 7th! Just share your photo and use the hashtag #FNBR5 on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or via Reddit, just access the Fortography post flair on r/FortNiteBR.

Birthday Quests from the celebrant

Another one for the beloved players, birthday quests are coming your way! Play Fortnite and complete the quests from September 23rd at 9 A.M ET until 9 A.M ET on September 27th.
  • Head to the Quests Page when the quest starts and get a chance to take it home (to your inventory!) and wear the new Fuzzfetti Cake Back Bling, Celebratory Slice Pickaxe, and also get a Sparklecake Emoticon.
  • The Battle Bus is on its job once again to fly around the map. Choose your POI and thank the Bus for bringing you. From there, start searching for a Birthday Present on the island. Take all the items you can see and you may use them to accomplish the quest. Do take a peek at the Birthday Cake, and take a bite too!
Fortnite 5th anniversary BIRTHDAY QUEST
Image Courtesy of Epic Games
  • Balloons are back everywhere, and numerous decors too. You may find the island overwhelming with all the loot you can see. Pretty sure you’ll find yourself enjoying while completing the birthday quest!

Test your Fortnite knowledge

And for the last event for their 5th-anniversary blowout, take part and share how much you know about Fortnite. Challenge yourself in this Fortnite Trivia aka Quiz Time on @FortniteGame Twitter and Fortnite Instagram!
Fortnite Instagram
Image Courtesy of Fortnite via Instagram
  • Questions will be all about Fortnite, so test your skills and knowledge if you’re an avid fan! Flex what you know, and just enjoy thinking, guessing, and laughing at this birthday celebration.
So far, that’s all we have, players!
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SOURCE: Epic Games