Fortnite’s Mobile Version Rakes in $50M in Two Months; Reports Sensor Tower

Fortnite Mobile released on the 15th of March and since then it has been able to grow steadily, procuring a gross revenue of more than $50 million.

Tencent had acquired a whopping 40% of Epic Games’ shares in 2013. And as time goes on, it looks like the business is only getting sweeter for them.

According to reports, Fortnite Mobile had earlier crossed the $25 million mark within the first 30 days of release. An analysis conducted by website Sensor Tower noted that the mobile release had brought in an overall input of $50 million in just two months.

Sensor Tower also reported that the player spending in the game increased by a mountaineous 293 percent on May 1st. Most of that came from the $10 Season 4 Battle Pass.

“Epic Games has already started rolling out additional season four content, including new character skins which are each only available for a limited time. This approach of selling items for a specific period of time only, versus traditional randomized loot boxes, has worked to the tune of $1 million in player spending per day on average so far in the mobile version of Fortnite alone,” the website commented, “As we recently found, this approach is also proving to be significantly more lucrative than the aforementioned loot box model is for the game’s largest rival. PUBG Mobile only earned about 20 percent of Fortnite’s first week revenue during its initial seven days with in-app purchases, despite its significantly larger global player base on iOS.

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