Foxbonus recruits independent field experts


Our online casino comparison website has been in the business for a while and as time passes, we get more and more recognition from our beloved readers.

However, our road to the point of being one of the most trusted websites around isn’t finished yet and won’t be, as long as we are in the business. Simply, the industry is growing and developing at a rapid speed and we have to keep pace with it, to offer the latest comparison solutions.

As the market is growing, Foxbonus is growing as well. So, the first and the most logical step we’ve decided to make was to expand our team, but only with people that can contribute to our mission of providing the highest possible content quality in the most genuine way. This expansion comes in the way that we have recruited some of the best independent experts in the field.

The “independent” in the last sentence is particularly important because our experts are influenced by nothing but their knowledge and experience.

Their evaluation comes from their ratio and that’s the most important ingredient of a trusted, unbiased online casino review or comparison.

At this point, our focus is on the two most important things in the online casino comparisons, so we have recruited two kinds of experts.

The first one refers to controllers that are here for you to check if a certain casino gives what it promises in its advertisements. These guys check every online casino and evaluate it from every possible aspect.

Some of the members of our team are fact checkers. Simply, the internet is full of content that cannot be trusted and these guys are here to filter out unnecessary things for you. Of course, we are talking about any kind of content that has something to do with the online gaming industry.

Of course, we have never been capable of doing this kind of recruitment by ourselves.

We strongly believe in professionalism, so it seems logical for us to find someone whose knowledge and experience guarantee that only those experts that are the best fit for our company are recruited. In other words, has recruited an operator relations employee, a person who can make our team better in every way.

We believe that this kind of expertise is critical for our small company. We needed a professional who can recruit new members, but only those who are the best fit for our team.

Simply, competence isn’t the only important thing – we want to work with guys that share the same ideas with us, but we also want employees with great personalities, so we can cherish great employee relationships together.

Our new relations operator is also here to provide full onboard support to new employees in every way, as well as to analyze the performance of all of us and make our team more productive and better in every aspect.

So, if you want to keep yourself informed and don’t want to miss the latest trends in the online casino industry, make sure to visit Foxbonus website here.

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