Foxhole Combat Prototype

Check out the Foxhole demo, and try out this war-based top down MMO shooter that is currently on Steam Greenlight!

Have you been waiting for a persistent class war game where all the characters are real players? We’ve definitely seen many games where all the characters are real players but most of these games are Triple-A Titles and from the industrial giants. Let us step away from those big titles for a while. No more waiting! Foxhole is here.

Foxhole is a top down isometric MMO Shooter by Clapfoot, a game developing company situated in Toronto. The game takes place in an alternate timeline future where the world has been at war for a hundred years.

Foxhole Combat Prototype

Foxhole will have 20th century weapons, tactics and vehicles with a massive multiplayer feature. It can support several hundred simultaneous players with their current technology. Clapfoot says they are focusing much on the development rather than the player support until they have a good player population.

I developed a great respect for Clapfoot when I read this. On their FAQ page, there’s a question

Will the game be pay to win?“.

And the answer is “We’d rather shut down the project than introduce any form of pay to win mechanics.” 

It is good to see how upcoming gaming studios are trying to eliminate pay to win mechanics from their games. Unlike Supercell or EA that had been complete dicks on that matter.

Foxhole Combat Prototype

Foxhole has been greenlit on Steam Greenlight and the ‘Combat Prototype’ is available to download for free. The game is still not ready for an Early Access release. The combat prototype was released to test the game’s networking technology and core combat mechanics. Clapfoot wanted to test these two aspects of the game in a live environment and gather feedback from real players.

Foxhole Combat Prototype

You can download the Combat Prototype by clicking here. But remember that the game demands a good configuration to run.

Windows 64-bit
Stable Internet Connection

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