“Free Billie Eilish”: Chaos in Hollywood as man climbs up KTLA tower holding sign

Man climbs tower with Free Billie Eilish poster

A man climbed a TV tower in California while holding a “Free Billie Eilish” sign on Tuesday, April 25. The commotion caused officials to halt the area as they worked to bring the individual down from the tower safely.

According to reports, the man had a guitar with him and played music while sitting at a height of 30 feet. It took the police three hours to safely bring him down, and he is currently in custody and facing charges of trespassing. While many news outlets referred to him as a “protester,” it is unclear what he was protesting.

The incident caused confusion among internet users, who raised questions about Billie’s well-being. There is no news about the 21-year-old singer being under arrest or facing any other legal problems at the moment.

The man carried another sign along with the “Free Billie Eilish” poster

The man climbed the 162-foot tower of KTLA news station with a guitar and a poster that had writing on both sides. While one side of the signage read “Free Billie Eilish,” the other said:
“MK ultra s*x sl*ves donald marshall clones”
The meaning behind the second sign is still unknown. However, Marshall is the name of a Canadian who was wrongfully convicted of murder in 1971. After that, his name became synonymous with wrongful conviction.

The man who climbed the tower sat at a height of 30 feet and played guitar as onlookers watched from below. Traffic in the area had to stand still and the electricity of the news tower had to be cut as police requested the man to climb down.

LAPD also took to Twitter to inform citizens in the city about the situation, asking people to avoid the area if possible. They tweeted:

“Police activity in the area of Sunset and Bronson within LAPD Hollywood Division. Expect street closures and traffic delays. Please avoid the area if possible.”

They also updated on the incident by tweeting:

“An individual climbed a large metal tower in the area of Sunset and Bronson. A coordinated response between LA City Fire Department and LAPD, including our Crisis Negotiation Team, resulted in the subject climbing down and being arrested for Trespass without further incident.”

LA Fire Department set a sizeable inflatable airbag below the tower to bring the individual down safely. After three hours of negotiation, the man agreed. He first threw his guitar on the airbag and then climbed down where he was arrested for trespassing. Police have not revealed his identity to the media.

The incident made the singer trend on social media

Confused onlookers and internet users tried searching about the singer, which made the term “Free Billie Eilish” trend on Twitter. People shared funny reactions, and explained how the artist must be clueless about the incident. Here are some of the reactions from Twitter.


The Ocean Eyes singer was last seen attending the Late Late Show with James Corden yesterday. As of yet, neither Billie nor any of her representatives have made a statement regarding the recent incident.

You can also share any questions you have about Billie Eilish. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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