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Tomorrow, April 28, two new free games will be available on the Epic Games store. There’s little denying that April was a banner month for Epic Games Store, and many are hopeful that this trend continues.

Epic Games Store appears to have been coupling one major, popular game with a lesser-known one. Epic Games is attempting to encourage people to try out some less well-known indie games.

There are numerous games in the industry that are frequently overlooked regardless of how fantastic they are so this will be a huge opportunity for us gamers to try out these awesome titles. For free!


The Epic Games Store’s free game selection has been on a roll, with the help of all the awesome indie games that came for free. A lot may not think the April 28 game lineup is as strong as previous weeks’, but hey! It’s free so might as well try them out, right? Let’s Go!


Paradigm is a point-and-click adventure game in the classic sense. A mutant – Paradigm, is haunted by a candy-vomiting sloth-machine *wink*, and players take over his role of him.

  • He wants to finish his current EP, but instead, he has to save the planet.
  • There will be a lot of strange things going on with this game and it’s fun and weird at the same time. Simply play the game to find out.


A sandbox game, ‘Just Die Already’ developed by the same team that brought you Goat Simulator will be available tomorrow for free on the Epic Games Store. Just Die Already is a game that adopts the extreme style of Goat Simulator but this time uses elderly people.

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  • In terms of the plot, you will be an old person living in a world where no one has children. Instead of working, you’ll be playing video games.
  • You’ll be ejected from your retirement home and forced to accomplish duties in order to receive free retirement care. This is a strangely rewarding and enjoyable game at the same time.

    Screengrab Courtesy of GabeHype via YouTube
  • Players are brittle (like me – yes! a sign of aging) due to their elderly bones’ fragility, but they must still accomplish challenges.
  • You can complete challenges in Just Die’s online multiplayer mode, which supports up to four players. Trampolines, electrical wiring, bazookas, and jet packs are just some of the elements that players can engage with. So, how about we just… Nevermind.
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