Friday Night Funkin’ – Is it free? + How to download songs?

Friday Night Funkin’ is an indie rhythm game that was first distributed through, a website dedicated to giving independent game developers a platform to share their creations. Creators who upload their games on the site have the choice to either put a price tag on their works or distribute it for free. In Friday Night Funkin’s case, the game is free to play with the use of your browser or by downloading it from the game page directly.

The game has been out for almost two years now. Even though it’s an indie game, Friday Night Funkin’ has been making a name for itself ever since the successful Kickstarter campaign it had a while back. The reason for the Kickstarter campaign in the first place is to help fund a full version of the game. At the moment, it is still in development but interested gamers can already check out the free version to see what’s in store for them in Friday Night Funkin’.

Where can I play Friday Night Funkin’? Is it free?

Following the success that Friday Night Funkin’ has seen since its release, it’s no wonder more and more gamers want to try it out. This game is especially good for those who grew up playing rhythm games such as Rock Band or Taiko no Tatsujin series.

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You can play Friday Night Funkin’ through the following links:

The version uploaded to Newgrounds is the latest to come from the creators of Friday Night Funkin’. It was first released on October 5, 2020, as one of the games part of the Ludum Dare 47 event. Since it blew up when the creators submitted it as one of the entries for the said event, they then decided to upload it to Newgrounds.

For those not familiar with Newgrounds, it’s another site dedicated to helping up-and-coming game developers and artists. The site started off as a community for artists using Flash, with most of the games on Newgrounds running on Flash and using the program to animate their artworks.


Friday Night Funkin’ is available on the following platforms:

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Screengrab Courtesy of Video Game News via YouTube

Since the game is still in demo and the full version is yet to be released, you can actually play Friday Night Funkin’ for free. The version also features a download link if ever you want to play the game offline and you want to enjoy it in your spare time.

Can I download the songs from Friday Night Funkin’?

The songs featured in the game are from an American musician named Isaac Garcia. He is better known as Kawai Sprite, the individual responsible for nearly every song we can play through in Friday Night Funkin’.

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Screengrab Courtesy of Video Game News via YouTube

There’s no denying that the songs we get to hear in the game are a total bop. And what happens when a song becomes a total bop? We get this sudden urge to listen to it over and over again until our brain tells us no and has us find another song to fixate on.

Fortunately for us, Kawai Sprite has taken the liberty of uploading the songs from the game onto Spotify. At the moment, this is the best way to download the songs from the game. Just make sure that you have a Premium account on Spotify and you’ll be good to go!

Is there an alternative to downloading the songs from the game?

If you don’t have a Premium account on Spotify, no need to fret! Friday Night Funkin’ is an open-source game. This means that you can download the game’s source code and you’ll instantly have access to the game’s assets.

This feature is also being taken advantage of by modders who want to add something new to their game. Although the devs are committed to delivering fresh updates to Friday Night Funkin’, there are some talented people out there who want to add their own twist to the game.

You can also explore fan-created mods for Friday Night Funkin’ if you’re feeling a little funky yourself. Check out the list of mods here and see which one you want to add to your game. The most popular mods for Friday Night Funkin’ are remixes that add new songs to the game.

There is no news yet on when the devs are planning to release the full version of Friday Night Funkin’. Judging by how they exceeded their goal from their Kickstarter campaign, gamers are in for a treat once the full version releases. Fingers crossed that we get the game sometime this year or early next year!

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