It has only been a week since Frostpunk came out on the 24th of this month. Reports estimate that Frostpunk has sold over 250,000 copies in the first 72 hours since its launch.

For those who are unaware of the game, Frostpunk is a strategy-simulation game set in an apocalyptic alternate-world that plunges in a biting cold environment.

According to the backstory (or so I’ve heard), certain factors have brutally altered the earth’s climatic patterns. Eruptions have thrown volcanic ash into the atmosphere blocking the heat of the sun from reaching the surface.

Humanity’s last hope in surviving the horrors of this unprecedented “Ice Age” is to take shelter near generator which delivers sufficient warmth for survival.

11 bit studios is the developing studio behind Frostpunk. While the developers rejoice over the positive reviews flogging in, there is one small thing that missed everybody’s attention.

Alongside being a massive hit, Frostpunk has also reached the Top Games played on Steam with a concurrent player base of 29,195 people which, if you were wondering is close to the concurrent player base of EVE Online (A Space MMO designed by CCP Games).

Most surprisingly, Frostpunk has even beaten the online game Paladins. Paladins had topped Steam charts more than once in the past few years. Aside from that, it has also given Terraria and Sid Meier’s Civilization VI a taste of defeat.

Frostpunk has started climbing the ladder of Steam Charts already. It’d be fascinating enough to see Frostpunk beat some other leading games on the chart as well.

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